Cultural revolution as premonition of progress to extinction.

by Leonid Sakharov

Sharp changes in what is appropriate to society behavior is natural reflection of premonition of near crisis of humanity. Instinct of society members tells them not to procreate any more - politicians are inventing fonny justifications why it is good.

Lately, as if from nowhere, an institution of marriage that for centuries was an instrument of procreation next generation in civilized society by proclamation of Supreme Court becomes to be liberal union for love of two persons of not consequential sex. The decision followed by admitting an unconditional right of woman to rid off any part of her body including almost formed into baby fetus that is a factor in decreasing of birth rate as well. A relaxation in drugs consumption and mass demonstrations against roughness of police against criminals are also signs of changing public priorities from society of law and order to human right of individual to waste its life as it (sex doesn’t matte r any more, so individual is it) wants.


Peoples are rationally scared of future. The most obvious manifestation of future-phobia is falling birth rate. After same sort of stabilization on the annual level about 14 per 1000 before great recession it dropped to 12.5 in less than 4 years. The planet is almost reached a limit of its capacity to support human population on the current level even if consume non-renewable recourses as oil and minerals. When oil will be burned completely no more than one tenth of current level of population could live as comfortable as poorest now. Collective mind of humanity recognized it on subconscious level pumping bubbles of fears into results of public opinion polls and changing attitude to the establishment.

Practical politicians cannot be brutally honest directly saying to the electorate: “That is it. No more growth. No extra babies. Enough already. We don’t know exactly when catastrophe will hit, but it will be soon. Stop dreaming traditionally about multi generational family tree. It is cut and falling. Just enjoy best that promiscuity can give now and forget about tomorrow. Don’t panic. There is no way out. Party is close to over. Good bye.“

If real task of society is a population control practical politicians are champion the way in this direction without admitting end goal. Progressive liberals make noise about reproduction rights of women meaning that best choice is not to reproduce at all. They will persistently insist on humanity to be the source of global warming omitting the only solution - extinction most of us. They are selling suicide of western civilization in rainbow wrap of free sex and drugs anesthetized euthanasia. They will never admit it.

Conservative politicians are in disarray. Most stubborn of them resist to see end of expansion and hide behind stupid optimism and traditional values. Most consistent of them are pro war logically presuming that if humanity must shrinks in size their electorate would prefer the happening out of country borders. There should be permanent crisis all around the only one superpower country.

The real choice is between cultural revolution now to divide society on majority of individualists these will sacrifice their right to procreate and stupidly brave few conservatives whose kids will continues humanity journey into new word. They should embrace liberal choice to be extinct. An alternative is catastrophic anarchy for all. Better not.

Initially submitted at Jun. 28, 2015; 12:53

It is difficult if not impossible to foresee what next small step in moral deformation could be in a long road of suppressing human procreation.

Now it is about flirt. Any public figure who made any advance to woman will be socially ostracized. Avalanche accusations of ugly powerful men to touch pretty women these are taken as scientifically established facts like humans globally boiling oceans to make fresh seafood. Careers or reputation of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, George H.W. Bush, Mark Halperin (not so ugly like others), Roy Moore, Al Franken, John Conyers has been sacrificing in me-too campaign to push the brake on natural sexuality for potent men.

No spontaneous expression of affection to woman! Danger! There could be kids!

Dec. 7, 2017; 10:14 EST

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