Government as a criminal enterprise.

by Leonid Sakharov

Liberal government of Obama, Clinton and Bush inevitable transforms itself into criminal enterprise and fights any attempt to be cleaned up.

We know that some governments acted as criminal enterprises. Often after war or revolution winners established special tribunal like in Nurnberg on Nazis after Word War 2 or by people convention ruled to execute Louis XVI. There are so many of examples of such sort that nobody except Smashed-balls Matthews can deny existence of the phenomenon of corrupt government. It is not really interesting. What is really fascinating the question could moral government exist at all? It is a mater of definition if the word “moral” could say Clinton who is an expert in human interactions above and under belly area.

Let’s make it simple. According to principal of natural selection: "What is reasonable is real, and what is real is reasonable" (Hegel). It means that until government has power it is legitimate and as such a moral. All to the best in this best of all possible universes as soon it is only one known and we cannot predict future. We all can contribute to society by participating in election of president given by mainstream press natural born idiot like Wbush or professor with amputated creativity like Obama. Sometimes we must be proud that alternative could be even worse so our responsible choice save as from changing our fate to better. There are more worthy wealthy belong to higher society then us. They bought this country before. Amen to rest of us.

If to be utopia and dream about ideal society one can demand that the more important position in hierarchy is the more capable person should be chosen to fill it. Obviously classical election cannot be any guarantee for selection of the best person. Effective intellect of the crowd is hopelessly average by definition. Who pays anchors to form mainstream opinion that can put his puppet on the throne. Wealth born power. At first was riffle, of course.

Most funny occasion had happen with communist regime. In Soviet Russia nobody was wealthy. Everybody had equal rights in theory and constitution, seriously! It was written in major law of state, no kidding. Even better everybody participates in carrier competition by own abilities. No dynasties in political life. Practically none sons and daughter of dictator Stalin were quite unfortunately contracting Bush family in patented democracy of beacon on the hill. But ironically as soon when instead of practice of frequent justified or who knows jailing politicians and other middle size bosses next leader bet on stability of human resources society separated on poor and wealthy by means of power. Then wealthy make a wish to be just wealthy and made conversion power into money, then they bought power too murdering most if not all idealistic “democrats” of new wave.

New movie “Inside job” about financial crisis of 2008 impress me by clear demonstration of absolute immorality players. If absolute power corrupted absolutely it means that absolute corrupt politicians has absolute power. Who it could be in democracy? The two only reasonable explanations are or politicians, bankers and CEO are all aliens or they are part of family – mafia.

I am personally would prefer if they are extraterrestrial monsters. It gives a hope to create an special glasses to see a monsters among us but it is other movie, silly one. What is a puzzling the question of the procedure of the application and selection into mafia. About selection of formal leader for public, president, here is obvious logic. He must be or stupid but son or has skeletons in closet like be born abroad or something. But how gang of professor from economics was able not to foresee obvious consequences overpricing of housing market? Really the question is when and how they became part of mafia?

Politicians, tv-anchors, billionaires have the same needs anybody – eat best, sleep nice, keep do it at will. As soon one took warm place there is only one force that can make him resign it is competition. One can compete with other man-to-man and challenger has chance to win. But if group at power realizes that they are invincible together any neophyte will be out of mainstream. Government will establish such rules that prevent any unwanted competition. It will save his failed members from bankruptcy as if it in interest of whole society like to promoting incompetence is commonwealth.

It looks like from some point of stable existence of any government it will transform into criminal enterprise with stable core of mafia like membership. Degradation of management quality will diminish power of that country and it will fall under pressure of hungry barbarians. And here come saint globalization to eliminate competition between nations and to establish one mafia for all. No wars, no crash of empires. Just end of history and humanity.

Initially submitted at Dec. 5, 2010; 04:32

A year after election of Trump the article as actual as it was in 2010. Mafia hits back. In sort of legal way. Can justice be criminal? Looks like so.

Dec. 1, 2017; 16:27 EST

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