Useless elections.

by Leonid Sakharov

There is reflection of reelection of Obama in 2012.

Morning after presidential elections of 2012 the dominant feeling about them can be formulated with one word – useless. Useless political system, useless parties, useless president, useless, stupid and shortsighted we the people who cannot see beyond obese belly.

White aristocracy are so addicted to slave labor that they were ready to give up country in order avoid to do not noble work themselves. It started with indentured servitude of early colonies, showed ugly face in African slavery, resurfaces with Mexican illegal immigration. Instead mobilizing own brain cells during hi-tech revolution they are imported educated folks from Russia, India and China hoping against logic to stay on management positions forever. Punishment for irresponsible lazy behavior can be delayed long, long, long …. long time. But not forever.

Demographic of the country is irreversible changed. Only old white people are in majority. Infants are mostly color now. Will they care about former bosses of their parents when time comes? I doubt it. They were lazy and snarky at the peak of power. No love left for bankrupt playboy.

Reelected president Obama is mediocre person. Country saw his less than bad performance at the first debates when he tried to be civil. Joe Biden found antidote for absence of reasonable arguments at VP debates – to be just rude, loud and passion in nonsense. “Not true” refrain, help of confused Candy and from suffered by hurricane, inflated body and self-overestimation Chris Christie and foremost great Bill Clinton drag Obama through reelection ritual over. Even idiot W. Bush did it. Obama had happened to be ideal celebrity politician who gave something to be proud about for members groups in need of protection. Women feel for right to abort fetus, blacks want their dream to dream, glee to continue of the push to marriage tax rate, Latinos are on finish line to legalization of their expansion, intellectuals to seduce conscious. They are in majority now. It will be permanent absent of Armageddon.

I don’t want even to mention name of Mitt Romney now. I supported him in my articles. I defended him in hardball blog against all mockery almost half of year. I was ready to volunteer whole day in his command center in Boston TD Garden for project ORCA. I was contacted by Dan Centinello, Deputy National Political Director Romney for President, with question would I be willing to bring computer at 5:15 am and spent all election day till 1 am to cheer up field volunteers. After some hesitation I did signed up for this endeavor.

There were week of constant barrage of e-mails, “thank you” video from Mitt and two town hall calls from Dan. Then instantly I received e-mail from Dan that they have reached capacity and didn’t need me any more there. What was a real reason? Did they were paranoid to figure out that I am registered democrat? That I am originally from Russia? That I am conspiracy theoretician? Maybe nothing of such sort. Just standard arrogance of bad professionals at the positions well above their abilities. I will never figure out. But receiving a rejection e-mail I did first time during this campaign had definite negative feeling toward Mitt Romney and his chances. I read today that project ORCA was a failure. It definitely didn’t help to win. They hurt me for nothing and I am happy not wasting my time on them.

It is bad politics to insult your supporters. Starting from remarks about 47% who doesn’t pay income taxes and non diplomatic remarks about London Olympic Games 2012 Mister Romney demonstrated insensitivity to not so fortunate as him. Everybody has problems. I bet that sometime I am happier than millionaires and even billionaires. Life is much complex to measure fortune by money only. I can forgive politician to be richer than I for hope to help me to reach my potential. Obama promised it and deceived. Romney promised entrepreneurial spirit but in his own campaign project handling he was disappointing. And my guess is that formal idea of political security clearance does overcome need of effectiveness. Neglect of perfection toward security will finally result in technology stagnation and lost of future. Last resort of landlord’s children in managerial sinecure positions in high-tech and militaristic industry will bring both of them down. And it will be dander for everybody.

What now?

Expect nothing good. Second recession is as result of fiscal cliff is more than probable. It will consume all political air for social issues to move on. Republicans will see new economic crisis as the vindication of their platform. Obama will not be able to insist on increasing taxes only on high-end income part of population and everybody will suffer together. In two years of misery all political class will be discredited… to the point of new elections.

So await a new trick from them. I am only hope that it will not be associated with emergency phone number.

And enjoy your life when you still can. Every day is precious.

Initially submitted at Nov. 7, 2012; 16:09

Clinton creates Bush. Bush and McCain create Obama. Romney and Obama give Trump. Trump ought to be responsible not to bring Sanders or Warren. It could happen if he does not wake up in after dawn of deep state coup.

Dec. 4, 2017; 08:25 EST

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