Bye-bye democrats.

by Leonid Sakharov

About Obama visit to Boston at 2010.

Year ago I registered as a democrat. Tomorrow I will vote for republican and have no plans to change party registration. I plan to make a difference in 2012 voting on democratic primaries for Kucinich if he will have a chance. I am looking forward to vote against President Obama in any occasion possible. I donít like him anymore whatsoever. He can take his change back. I checked these pocket coins these have no value for me.

Tomorrow will be special election for senate seat of late Ted Kennedy. For me it is about broken hope that democrats care about me long unemployed PhD in Material Science, about insulting my intelligence when they talking into containing cost of healthcare and propose to spend more as solution, about continuation of cover up of crimes in the intelligence community and Wall Street. I am sure that they a part of Mafia like Washington Republicans. They took a power and they changed nothing to better. They even did no fair try, bye-bye, losers.

At Sunday Jan. 18, 2010 President Obama decided to come to Boston in attempt to push a bid for Martha Coakley. At least it is an official version. For me it had only one result I respect John Kerry even more. OK, yes he gave up evection to Bush without real fight. Too bad. But nobody knew what the real pressure was behind covers. Bush was ready to commit anything to be successful two terms president to show his father middle finger. But personally John Kerry proved himself brave and decent Man. Yes he is The Man.

John Kerry arrived at Cadillac or what the big nice car was. Make his way through politically heat up people unfortunately to get in arena with Obama, shakes hands and makes short but nice speech in the front of them.

Nobody including Brown supporters made any hostile movement toward Kerry. People can tell about character by such things.

I saw no other politicians who act so respectfully. ObamaÖ I saw him o n monitors and TV making a speech. I saw him with Kerry and Coakley on the screen.

I saw entourage coming and leaving Northeastern University.

I did not see him. Some conspiracy theorists could argue that it was his hologram there but not his physical body. Or everything was prepared in virtual reality and all activity around was part of divergence operation to keep The Historic President safe. I would witness under oath I should said that to best of my knowledge I cannot tell with full confidence that Obama was there. I did not see him in person in the spite of my best efforts.

Whatever. I wish you very best in personal life, President Obama. But as soon you donít care about me, I donít care about your Ö what is the dirty word?

Initially submitted at Jan. 18, 2010; 16:02

It was last delusion moment about liberal progressives. At this event the only thing I felt Obama was cared was his own safety.

He acted as coward. In strong Boston!?

Dec. 4, 2017; 10:11 EST

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