What it was with Trump victory? Salute to you Donald!

by Leonid Sakharov

Trump wins Presidential election against all odds. What it means? What wait us ahead?

Let me be open from very start. Despite of the my strong, almost religious, belief that choice between Trump and Clinton at 2016 presidential elections was the vote for life or extinction of human race would Hillary prevailed I was not too optimistic at the early evening of November 8. My estimation of Trump chances was three times higher than most of pundits, about 30 % toward 10% of common “wisdom”. I was swayed by cacophonies of pro-Clinton polls as most of us. But! He won!

The theory that he did a lot to lose election weights a lot of credence for me. Let’s take into account just enormous sacrifice of his wife has to make. She will be much less happy, free and comfortable in White House compare to custom made environment of billionaire limited only with imagination. My most fear during campaign was a chance of Donald John Trump to quit the race after releasing of the embarrassment tape. Not an impact of the tape on voters but that he could take the tape as excuse not to continue. He did the sacrifice for public service again. Salute to you Donald!

During campaign stamp speeches Trump many times pointed finger on the crowd as a movement. Let be clear there is no visible organized movement yet. There are many people like me who wanted in resent years to vomit on TV set when one by one politician or media servant declaims absurd arrogant slogans one by other.

“Stronger together” has exact the same meaning as fascist’s “Strength through unity”. Where political consultants of democrats were educated in? Harvard?! “Black lives matter” is textbook racism.

“Equal pay for women”. If economy is truly free market like is automatic reality. So fight for free competition instead or gender privilege. Right? “Innocent until proven guilty” did not help to Muammar Gaddafi to be slaughtered by mob and laughed out by Hillary.

“Self-evident, that all men are created equal” but after Bush and Clinton we are given Bush again and attempted to put other Clinton. Are Bush and Clinton families more equal than others? Are illegal immigrants are better than law abiding ones?

What is for me? That is the main question for any member of political movement. The answer of Trump is America first. After short by historical perspectives period of borders stability between nations humanity in full speed hits the wall of limit of population sustainability. In most simple form the argument was outlined in resent movie “Inferno”. Advanced country slows down birth rate by hedonistic culture revolution. It takes about three generations of comfortable life to care more about pleasure to have other sex after not been impregnated every time meeting male. Population of advanced nations is about one sixth of all on the planet. When tragedy of mass starvation will hit irresponsible counties the first impulse of traitorous liberals will be to give refuge and accommodation. Trump constituents want The Wall to keep them out and dealing with their stupidity alone.

We want to survive. We don’t want hordes of barbarians to end our way of life. Every territory of our small planet has to accommodate level of population to their resources. It means in practical terms that developing word must change cultural pattern of family planning or suffer mass extinction or in opposite order and developed word has to close eyes and let it go.

We must take care about ourselves at first that is equal to care about humanity in general. Trump was recruited by highest forces to stop blind run of progressives to the cliff of exhaustion of natural resources.

Submitted at Nov. 13, 2016; 15:54

Not too much was done by Trump after he was elected. Deep throat conspirators from previous liberal globalist administration has being resisting any his efforts to work for America. Will be Trump overcome whole swamp? With silent majority that became much smaller and passive than Nixon era? Who knows?

Dec. 4, 2017; 17:27 EST

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