Trump in Politland.

by Leonid Sakharov

As Alice in Wonderland Trump exposes madness of political process in Washington

Politland is a habitat of politicians. Politicians are creatures who look like humans but obviously are not. Some of them are born by woman and evolve into monsters others and most of them are evil aliens from other planet deemed to destroy humanity. Maybe it is slight exaggeration. I am not sure. Maybe none of them ever was human. Whatever.

Politicians are occupied in creating laws for rest of us and patrolling our obedience. They trick us into accepting their authority by inventing so named democracy and elections. They pretended that we ourselves want to be ruled by political class because they know better.

They, in all seriousness as history evidences, cannot foresee that trend leads to the edge of the cliff although any one with common sense and basic logic sees looming problems as clear as day light. Politicians are in conflict with themselves. They must please public’s ear painting reality in rainbow colors. Everybody have a car. All are equal. No discrimination. Everybody are miserable or else. They have to cheer present and promise even better future if you vote for them again and again and again. No matter how frustrated public about their mis-under-not-performance they would scare us with somebody even worse. But they must to know that they lie, that their own kids will suffer because politicians are paralyzed to act honestly in interest of whole society part of it they supposed to be (here is where hypothesis about they are aliens come from. Maybe they are not belonged to us at all?).

The same as aliens politicians speak in slang design to be absurd chain of related words without no direct connection to reality. It as like poetry, like a lyric of rap song. My favorite idiotic phase of ultimate politician, guess who I am talking about, is “And they turn their backs on gay people who love each other.” It is about speaker opponents. Can you image the real life situation that was described here? I bet a lot that the speaker never saw anything like that porno. But she said it when announced her wish to make us in all holes she could find or made into.

To kill time between elections politicians invent issues. Issues are artificial problems that have no good solution, sort of important for noticeable part of population and emotionally charged mostly because they related to sex. Corner stone of any marketing is the rule – sex sells. In classical political satire of Jonathan Swift the issue was about choice of larger or smaller egg to break first. You could point out that there is nothing about sex here. Hint – egg. That times sex had to be subliminal message. Now this satire is a children book about giant Gulliver around small Lilliputs. Nowadays issues are directly about sex. They a practically only about it even at first sight you could not recognize the theme instantly.

Abortion. It is the most emotionally explosive issue. Two trends are on the collision course to destroy foundation of society. Science definitively establishes with full confidence that existence of human being starts with conception and end with distraction of the brain. The moment of birth in conventional meaning of the word has no special significance. The DNA of the person is. Unique DNA of human forms in the moment of conception and it is differ from mothers DNA. So there are all reasons to say that life of the person starts in the moment of conception. Other trend is progressive mantra to value privacy of the person, human rights, above everything else including very existence of the society. Person, woman, has the right to cut nails or leg hairs if and when she considers they inconvenience. The same she has a legal right to think a fetus as treat to her well-being and terminate it at any moment at will in a legal sense as act of self-defense. It is insoluble contradiction that every politician wants to hide behind brainless tongue-twister.

Donald Trump is not trained politician. He answers questions in a logic manner. It makes mad all established political forces. When he was lured by professional political media assassin, Chris Matthews, into substantive dialogue about abortion Trump responds with logically perfect answer. If termination of human being is a murder for hire everybody involved should be punished. All professional political forces screeched as piglets under knight. Pro-life groups don’t want that legal consequences of ban on abortion to be exposed in naked brutal truth. Pro-choice progressives afraid of science except when it could help to steal government funding as in case of consensus of government funding scientists conclusion that global warming is human caused. They want continue to fight not for anybody but selling their unsuccessful actor talents to lie in convincingly emotional manner. There is no good outcome here. It is not exists at the modern level of technology and medicine. It will be found as for everything else previously considered fantasy. For now thanks for Trump helping to open mind of mindless politicians.

Family versus Modern Family. Family at all course of modern history was second level, after individual, compound of society. In some sense household unit was the main foundation of long life of nation. Progress in medicine dramatically changes important parameter – lifetime of individual. Roughly saying if we take time unit a generation equal to 20 years during two generations life expectantly of individual added one generation. Rephrasing it means that instead of coexistence on earth of two generations as it was century ago when kind briefly knew their grandparents nowadays it is three. Kids can see their grandgrandparants alive.

The human population increased explosively far above of sustainable level. If family was for prolongation of generation modern family is for pushing break pedal of natality. Aware of progress in science progressives cannot say directly that they are first and utmost anti-kids movement using human rights of artificial style lovers arguments only as tool for promoting kid-less promiscuity. Conservators are driven with low horizon sense of self-preservation. They understand that population must shrink but prefer that somebody else will refuse to have children not them and their neighbors. Both positions is complete rational but political so incorrect that nobody has nerve to pronounce it. Donald Trump up to the point was able to avoid discuss the mater with killer like Chris Matthews. Anybody observing his family would have no doubt that Donald Trump is conservative as one can be. Maybe Kennedy clan was more fertile and clan style, but bad fate ended them. Trump is better be prepared discussing so named social issues or meet a storm of unimaginable proportions comparable to only cards twister in last chapter of Alice in Wonderland.

In any way thanks for Trump are can start now a long process of discharging mine field of politically correct lies cultivated by professional politicians from both sides of the isle.

Initially submitted at Apr. 4, 2016; 07:38

There is not too much to add. Anti-Russia hysteria. It is separate topic. The problem of Trump is that he wants to be liked even by politicians. He lives now in Washington and negotiates with politicians... Doesn't matter republicans or democrats. All of them are only surrogate of human being. Trum should doesn't care about political outcome. He need represent us. But he isolated in White House as all politicians.

Dec. 3, 2017; 18:19 EST

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