I am Russian, you are racists.

by Leonid Sakharov

Russian probe is pure racism. Civil right movement in America shame itself by silence not defending Russian-Americans who suffered painful attack on their identity with manufactured so named Russian Investigation.
You are the person who ever agree with statement of Rod J. Rosenstein like “investigation… any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” and then conveniently forget word “government” and repeating “Russia probe” day by day for years already. You are CNN and MSNBC and any individuals associated with them. You are progressive democrat or professional civil right advocate. You are racists.

Is Russians a race the same as Hispanics, Latinos, Irish? For most of 2.8 millions Russians in USA up to last years the answer was - No. I did consider myself a white. In soviet school I was taught about existence of only three races: Europeans, N…ds, Asians. Now in America I learn that it is dangerous to relay on my 4th grade textbook. If you are not N-word you cannot say N-word. It is slightly awkward because existence Republic of the N-word. But illiteracy of civil right advocates excuses them from ignoring this map insult and not insisting this N-country to change the name to any other one that is not so N or else.

The option for person from Russia to identify himself as Caucasian is weird if not straightforward insulting. The issue is that in Russia people from Caucasus Mountains are routinely identified as “Faces of Caucasus Nationality” that is other way to say – Muslims. In predominantly Orthodox Christian Country it is fair generalization. It is not too self-complimentary feeling for baptized at infancy Christian like me to check Caucasian box, you can imagine.

To be Russian in America is dubious experience. By appearance you are white. In supermarket I am mostly called “Sir”. My ancestors to best of my knowledge were freed from slavery approximately at the same time when N-word people in USA were. I did not ever have anything like “white privilege” no time and nowhere. If I am polite, responsible and law abiding member of society who in appropriate situation have been asking assistance from police or FBI and receiving help, it in no way means that I have special favor from anybody. In the contrary I believe that my profession as material scientist and algorithm developer was closed for me in USA by formal clearance reasons after 9/11. Punishment of innocents and reward of unworthy is the main modus operandi of any plutocracy USA including. Muslims attacked, Russian did punished. Fear deal indeed.

Up to 2016 election I did feel myself as ordinary American citizen. I have my problems, I have my merriments. Stupid Hollywood movies about Russian spies does not mostly bother me at all. I even like such adrenaline staff. Russians are good fit for noble enemies in fantasy propaganda stories. Russian women are beauty so class A stunning actresses like Angelina Jolie, Keri Russell or now Jennifer Lawrence are natural to portrait of gorgeous Russian Spy. Good Bad girls.

The change was seeded by Mitt Romney at 2012 presidential debate. Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat facing America said he. Ridiculed by all good reasons by Obama and losing election he nevertheless paved road for John Kerry to spoil relations with Russia to the point of full benefits of located in his Massachusetts military industrial giant Raytheon. It is quite conceivable also that Putin was overheard by Intelligence community by dropping on Obama N-bomb. Nobody was hurt in act of domestic free speech but damage in personal relations was irreparably. Maybe it was just time to cheat behind board Muslim card to Russian. Heads cutting is too ugly for Family News Entertainment Business of CNN to broadcast. Who can know for sure what the real reason was? We have slightest idea why Japan instead of attacking USSR in 1941, that would give victory in WWII to Axis instead of Aliens, commits act of virtual suicide bringing USA to fight. We will never know why CIA agent Oswald was framed for killing JFK as Russian spy that instantly pedaled back in fear of nuclear war? Maybe, maybe not. We will never uncover how Russian hysteria was initially manufactured. Maybe reason is completely trivial like cut to zero Title VIII grants in 2013 for U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and other Russia researches? They wanted to show their impotence and being financed back?

No matter what the real motivation for hostility to Russia among political class this animosity amounted to steady racism, it did. It was uncomfortable for Russian person like me but bearable. Things deteriorated very quickly with Trump coming to political stage. He understands needs to distinct himself from crowd of other Republican politicians at primary debates and as genius communicator did it by bringing sanity into discussion about international relations. It was heresy not to call out Putin as pure evil who kills any opposition politician or dissident journalist or lawyer if they move. Shot anybody moving. Only sick imagination of Russian racists can invent such picture how politics in Russia uses to be conducted. How they dare!? Putin is innocent as anybody at the planet by not convicted in court of law! Doesn’t matter – he is Russian or American or half Kenyan half Jew. Not convicted means innocent. But pathological racists have no fairness for Russians. They are proud racists. Yes, you are.

Racists create sticky stereotypes to discriminate and demote target group for their benefits. Bad Mexicans are killers and rapists (good Mexicans collect fresh tomatoes), Africans lives in jungles (natural sportsmen), Jew too sly (clever), French eats frogs (I tried once myself – taste good like chicken), Germans eat sausages (good engineers), Italians are Mafioso (cradle of modern civilization and pushy TV anchors), Sweden promiscuous (beautiful blondes), American are diverse (nation of brave immigrants). I can go forever with such foolishness. Russian racist Mitch McConnell said “The Russians Are Not Our Friends”. Very creative stereotype it is. I am Russian and I am not friend of this unique creature - hybrid turtle and Kentuckian. Did it true that all Russians are not our friends? Our – who?! Are Russians not friends of 3 millions of Russian-Americans???

Most time of any day I am friendly person. I am Russian. Mitch McConnell is racist, when he forced to read from John McCain script.

Russian probe is pure racism. There are not to my best knowledge even single one conviction of any Russian person related to 2016 general election in USA. It means every one Russian individual is innocent in any wrongdoing during 2016 election. It must be end of story because if one has suspicions about Russians other persons could suspect Haitians or Brits, so investigate everybody? But years long hysteria is only about one suspicion, about Russians. It is completely unfair racism. If secret services investigate anything it must be secret. If they accuse anybody they must to do it in open court of law or shut up. 6th Amendment to Constitution gives anybody right to face their accuser. If spook does his job properly, investigation must be out of public conversation otherwise it is pure racism and dereliction of duty by all many organizations of modern days USA KGB.

Finally. Did Russia interfere in 2016 elections? Has Russia habit to try influence elections in other counties in its favor? It is just pure racist question. Because the answer is obviously naïve: Yes, of course. How Russia can avoid it? Russia influences everything just because it exists. It is largest country by territory for God’s sake.

Did any Russian person anything improper in relation to 2016 election in USA? Legally speaking the answer is categorically not whatsoever. I repeat. No one single Russian was convicted. Hack of Democratic Party for example can be attributed to anybody but until this person is convicted he is innocent. No Russian was convicted for that hack.

The logic of CNN racists and other similar news entertainers is faulty. If politicians of Democratic Party spread accusations that their dirty secrets was revealed as result of Russian operation it is on them. Let them file lawsuit, criminal complain. Prove it. Stay in legal field. Good luck in excising you civil rights. I mean good luck in most sincere literal sense. If there will be criminal with Russian nationality, so be it. Punish him. But if whole intelligence-politicians-media monster lost its mind and carelessly uses expression “Russia probe” it discredits whole Civil Rights movement ignoring these racist words.

It means that Civil Right activists care to protect minorities only when it is politically or financial beneficial. You have no moral authority now. Year of silence about Russian racism makes you coward “fighters” for donations. Shame on you.

Jan. 11, 2018; 12:31 EST

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