CNN – Clinton Notorious Network of disgusting voice of corruption.

by Leonid Sakharov

Reflection at one-sided cover of presidential complain of 2016 by CNN.

The Presidential election of 2016 in USA supposed to be boring save choice between representatives of the same Family. Yes it is allusion to Mafia. Yes, it is direct accusation of Clinton-Bush clan to have all features of Global Criminal Initiative.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex more than half century ago in his farewell address to the Nation. It was the prophecy of naive optimist. Military-industrial complex in isolation is not only mostly harmless but even necessary evil until civil part of government is in control of country policy. But what if intelligence community (aka CIA), news organizations (aka CNN) creates its own complex CIA-CNN? It will be Clinton Criminal Initiative to grab power on the planetary scale.

There is, maybe, such mystical thing as self-conscious of society. It is the last bastion of civilization before falling into dark ages of dynasty. The effective society is most possible is meritocracy that means adaptation of the very simple concept – good work is rewarded when bad is punished. Dynasty means that you are born to be slave (if you are monarch you will never read this essay, so…). Collective horror of, we the people, invokes Donald Trump to run for President.

My skeptical mind doesn’t permit me falling into deification of any man no matter how important his role in history could be. All humans have weaknesses. Some of us are champions in some sports. Donald Trump is human being only, except the collective instinct of self-preservation empowers his soul to overcome Clinton mafia. It is not too much about him. It is about us overcoming masters of mafia. Trump is chosen by history as the last solders in the last trenches of sanity protecting civilized part of the word from hordes of illegal aliens. He will win or our word will die.

Everybody is choosing his place in the fight of light with blackholesness. My contribution here is unmasking enemies of humanity under pretense to be news organization - CNN and its propaganda officers. CNN has devil ministry of warmongers under leadership of Wolf Blitzer that includes other russophobes - Brianna Keilar, Jim Sciutto, Tom Foreman, Arwa Damon. There is other specializations of dark forces there: Islam promoters - Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, Arwa Damon; inquisitors - Alisyn Camerota, Ashleigh Banfield; old out off fashion chatterboxes - Michael A. Smerconish and Carol Costello. Shame to them. Same others, maybe, I assume, are hired for possible deniability that all CNN anchors are mafia members. I am sure that there are two or three decent persons. Shame to them too for not leaving in protest for selling out to brainwash masters.

It is special fork in the history comparable to one of the several Great Revolutions these had happened to define future on the century ahead. The disgusting striptease of CNN anchors as operatives of Clinton Notorious Network that roars lies, omissions and rape words meanings displays it in whole ugliness.

Muslim Khizr Khan demands from Trump sacrifice like he “did”. Khizr Khan "sacrificed" nothing. He lost his son in an illegal war. End of the story. He is upset and pointing his Muslim finger at our only hope instead of those who indifferently wasted his son life. Clinton Notorious Network is promoting his agenda. There will be price to pay for taken side of enemies of humanity, I guess.

CNN has no shame for itself. It loves to play entertainment game to smash human being into pancake forcing to ask forgiveness for honesty. The most sin from their profession as promoters of leis and myth is the adequate describing reality. They hate dictionary from the bottom of their heart as demons are afraid of holy water.

Lost of son = sacrifice for our freedom?
Taxes success and rewarding irresponsibility = asking to pay fair share and care about those in needs.
Killing baby in womb = reproductive right.
Stupid hen for president – braking glass ceiling.


Initially submitted at Aug. 3, 2016; 17:04

In more than one year after the article was written obvious political affiliation of CNN became even clearer. There is no doubt in apparent meddling CNN International into USA election and then frantic efforts to blame in this behaviors Russian. They are racists and used to blame in this sin anybody but himself.

I cannot watch CNN any more. They reveal their real face that it is impossible to be rehabilitated from charge to be part of cabal conspiring against human race.

Dec. 1, 2017; 11:20 EST

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