No trust to government version about World Trade Center 911 collapse.

by Leonid Sakharov

There are many unanswered questions about 9/11 tragedy. Ignoring them doesn't help trusting government.


Because of government arrogantly ignores public questions.

There are already big segment of Internet and many books completely devoted to finding truth about events of Sep.11, 2001. Great massive of facts are collected. Big portion of them are in direct contradict with official claims.

What the reaction of the government? Silence. I don't trust the government.

There are several key points to illustrate what I am talking about:

  1. There were very strange activities three week before of the WTC collapse. At Aug. 22, 2001 the evacuation of Statue of Liberty took place. Next day the parasailing stunt had happened.
    Both events are good documented. But no media correspondent ever elaborated them after all. Why?
  2. A demolition of buildings of WTC looked like as explosive controlled distraction. No one presented physical model can explain this process if there were no explosives involved. It's absolutely unique occurrence. A lot of scientists claim that official explanation contradicts to physic laws. I rather to believe science then government.
  3. The pentagon event has no hitting plane video records at all. Why? I don't believe that most military important place has not thousand of video cameras all around. Why these records are not made public?
  4. I never saw one evidence that alleged Arab men really did this honorific crime. There isn't existence of single material evidence to support charges that they did it I am aware about. No single one documentary proof.
  5. The accusation that Osama Ben Laden was behind WTC attract was done in hours after event. It is in a contradiction with rejection of any previous knowledge of our government about the treat.
    If there were no preliminary information why the conclusion about Osama's involvement and personalities of terrorists were done at once after? If there was information about their plans why the attack was not prevented?
  6. Government was completely wrong about weapons of mass distraction in Iraq. Why it could not be wrong about WTC collapse too?

Initially submitted at Nov. 17, 2004; 12:12

After more than 10 years since the event none of these questions was not answered.

One released video that claims to show of plane hit Pentagon contains no plane. Just something and explosion.

All allegations of Russians these hack democratic party don't supported by any evidence too.

They insist that we have to trust professionals. Them. Why if they not answering questions?

Why if they have no success to brag about. The only obvious victory of CIA during cold war was 9/11. In Chilly 1973. When Bush as ambassador to the United Nations, since 1971. Then he served as director of CIA since 1976. 9/11 was superstitiously lucky number for him isn't it?

Nov. 22, 2017; 10:19 EST

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