9/11 in a parallel universe – right wing conspiracy.

by Leonid Sakharov

Described events have never happened in our world. Because all powerful people here are good, moral and faithful. Several cave living evils are our enemies. Good Will people will kill all of them some day and peace and prosperity will be established forever and ever. Amen!

What you can read here is about another universe. It exists in parallel to ours or probably not. Maybe it's just fantasy of a loser like me to blame somebody else in my misery. Quite true it is. I am unemployed PhD, my business was never really alive, I want to cry and sober. Don't read it in good mood. Just stop here for safety of your own naïve cheerleader temper.

I warn you. Don't tell that I didn't. On you own risk.

When this story began? Maybe when Cain killed Abel and All Mighty protect him from all to enjoy his victory1. It doesn't matter when to start because all times it will the chronicle of struggle stupid sons of power parents to retain supremacy for themselves in battle of new generations for place under bright sun on the beach of a tender sea and candy babes around. Allegorically speaking. Do you pretend not to understand cowered allusions? OK. I will say strait. Just look at president Bush. He is an idiot. 2 But he is the president and will be reelected. Why? Read later if you want to tickle you intellectual curiosity.

Cold war was stopped when the leader of Russian Empire, Gorbachev, was bribed by money for pizza advertisement, respect of enemies and love of prime minister. Whatever. Russia is not an Empire any more and not important in its new degrade friendly status. What is significant that in passion to oppose to Russia Empire CIA under President Bush created the aggressive Muslims Force 3. Father, son who cared. Bush is Bush - Bloody Unashamed Stupid Ham 4. You know one you know all of them.

An invoked beast of poor young Muslims has destroyed that time a Russian Empire. There was a choice to drop out Muslims Republics of Asia shrinking to white core of nation or change color and religion with average population. Great White Russia preferred to be alone. Details are not important. What is important is the creation of Muslims Force that is controlled by CIA, that is controlled by Bush. Russian leaving of Asia had run from Afghanistan. Some period of time with Clinton taking care about prosperity and fair competition Bush was out of global business. The world was doing wide web and idiots were out of mainstream devoted all their precious time to conspire. You know what I mean. Monika, Blue Dress, Barbara Olson, Arkansas Project 5 , Moral Leadership, Bla-Bla-Bla, Wag the Dog clockwise.

It was critical road crossing in history at 2000. There was an election of Leader of Free World just before unavoidable economic turn down. Why. Because of great achievements create unresolved contradictions. There is a simple scenario. Let's presume that robots without participation of people produce all goods. Wow! But let me ask what you are going to do without job? Live on dividends? OK. But who will buy products if everybody out of job? Chinese? Indians? Why? Everything is automatic. Remember? They are unemployed too. Scared? This is direct consequence of the unlimited productivity growth. Funny Russians rejected working system to return back in generation after a lot of losses. Fool's head keeps legs busy.

Democrats were tired of bullying. What is four years?! Only four years. There will be recession, market crash, ridiculous mispronunciations of scientific terms by a clown in White House. They are prepared to enjoy comparing performance of George and Timothy in "That's my Bush" in Comedy Central series 6. In the spite of all efforts to lose elections they almost succeed not to. Two major moves were decisive - genius threat to country to get Jewish Vice President. 7 (Hello! You already have Jewish votes. What if to think by head? Do you want to win election or what? ) Returning of mystically surviving Cuban boy, Gonsales, 8 to the "communist heaven" helped to compete in silliness with rivals.

Democrats got what they wanted. They lost power. Now what? Like all bad players they underestimated the opponent that had very few options in 2001. There was no war, no emergency, the recession promised to be severe but short, market crash had to be extraordinary painful but revitalizing. Of course there will be nothing to report by W in 2004 but a lot of humiliations. Democrats counted to get their country back used but unharmed. Never lend your wife if you love her. If just like her it's other story. Democrats are too light-minded considering politics as a Hollywood's movie with happy end on duty. They are not worthy to trust. But to whom else? You can always trust fascists to kill you. Damn them thirty three times!

Are you talking about war? You are joking. You are not joking. In that parallel universe events developed this way. In others they could differ. The common feature for all of them is the absence of proof for anything except several facts. What is the fact? It is event that a lot of people saw by their own eyes. What they are telling you that was happened are not facts. What it is? Fairy tales. Fantasies. There is one of them. You will not like it.

Operation by code name "Chilly Gambit" was planned to the anniversary of successful fascist September 11, 1973 coup in Chile 9. The idea was to create war situation. What for? To get free hands. To evoke patriotism to stop abortion and increase capital punishments in the name of life. Respect your life and buy license to kill. There is no connection you could think of. Think again. To blame enemies for everything. The most difficult problem was an absence of enemy. No one country could compete with only remaining superpower on this planet. But the war cannot be declared completely without any cause.

Last Great War was provoked by the air assault on the naval base. Brand new one created by the same recipe. The plan was to crush two passenger jets into twin towers of World Trade Center. One by one. The special operations teams, flying on stealth airplanes, 10 had to sneak on board two jets from Boston just after taking off, affects abilities of passengers and crew to resist by anesthetic gas analogues that later on was used by Russian special forces storming hostage takers in Moscow theater. The teams had to reprogram autopilots to follow a radio beacons set at WTC's buildings. Then operatives would leave and return to Cape Code Air Force Base.

Most difficult part of the plan was a framing our new favorite enemies. We used these "Freedom Fighters" as a pawns in global competition with Russian Empire in Afghanistan and Caucuses Mountains. Now they will play new part for us to be our absolute, undisputed evils in never ending war against terror. Some of these agents were sent to flight schools. Without explanation. They are CIA agents and have to obey orders without questions. About dozen of trash agents had ordered to board those planes in Boston with some fake reasons what for.

Whole operation was several times on the edge of abortion. In several short months FBI was not yet completely under control of new rulers and neutralized. Many field agents sent memorandums about unusual activity of Arab in flight schools. The messages were intercepted and diverted by CIA. One case was especially troubled. One of the most retarded Arabic agents, Zacarias Moussaoui, 11 managed to be arrested asking how much damage he could course he crash a plane. He was not master of computer games of plane simulator. Conspirator. Hm-m. He was arrested Aug. 16 by immigration violation excuse.

Other able unit was in Pentagon data mining project "Able Danger". It was able to identify from open sources names of right wing conspirators including Condoleezza Rice. Several Arab agents of CIA was highlighted by them too. The fate of the unit was sealed - to dangerous for right wing conspirators. 22, 23

Moussaoui told interrogators all he knew. It was almost nothing, only concept to attack a prominent landmark in a New York. The mystery of bureaucracy is second from a puzzle what was the first chicken or egg. FBI issued warning about direct thread to Statue of Liberty that was evacuated at Aug. 22, 2001 with explanation of bomb treat 12. It could be a serious breach in cover up of operation if this fact later on should became a talking point about possibility to prevent the attack. How to hide a fact? At first by creation confusion then be silent and pretend to be mystified.

A confusion. Next day, Aug. 23, 2001 a stuntman Thierry Devaux, jumped by parachute to the wrist of the statue's raised arm 13. A lot of publicity in press. Now every mention of events with Statue of Liberty will be associated with the stupid innocent trick. Bomb evacuation? What are you talking about? Just mad Frenchman had fun. In any case, classify any mention about it for good. Silence.

President took a long vacation only after half year on the job. Tired from struggling with his conscience I suppose. He is not a professional conspirator. To say a truth he is not professional at all in any sense. Probably the only thing he masters is a lying. Most folks are nervous when they could be wrongly understood. Bush is tense in completely opposite situation when he needs to answer direct yes or no in response on correct formulated question. But who can question in such way? He is the President. President not answering questions he asked. He tells the "truth" as he wants it sounds. "We know that Iraq has weapons of mass distraction". Who is "we"? What means of the word "know"? Do you use right time? It has or had? The phrase "I found more than two idiots including me who thought that Iraq could still hiding something about chemical weapons". This phase could be completely accurate and it is what he really means when he stated the official position of the country. No polygraph will ever recognize any hesitation in rape of intelligence in speech of this man. Let's forget about him in this story. He is a puppet as most of us. He hid from head of CIA on his ranch and pretended that cannot read documents in small fonts. Warnings? What? Hello, anybody in White House? Only echo was in charge few moments. Then it died on duty too.

As usual reality corrected even most sophisticated plans. Actual events at September 11 of 2001 at first developed by the script. Both planes hit their targets. The breath taking picture of people jumping from windows to avoid been burned alive was broadcasting all along the globe. Casus Belli was established. The goal was reached. The towers have to be restored and remained a symbol of our unbreakable resistance to the terror.

First problem aroused when major Giuliani was reported that both towers are mined in case of necessity for self-destruction. It was a purely precautionary measure set at the stage of project to prevent most tall buildings from uncontrollable toppling down initiating a cascade of domino effect for all Manhattan skyscrapers 14. The heat of fire could detonate nearest ring of explosives at any moment. There was only one solution to minimize destruction. It was controlled demolition of both towers before they destroyed all around.

The call for mayor was tough. The longer he waited the more peoples will be evacuated and saved but risk not to be in time increased every passed moment. To his credit Giuliani played with cold heart till last possible microsecond. 15 When upper part of South Tower began to fall in side direction he pushed button. With acceleration of free fall the proud of capitalistic economy disappeared from reality taking together souls of carrier-oriented work force of unprepared to death crowd. To be or not to be in wrong place at dangerous time. Who can choose for himself? For their victims - yes, but nobody for himself. Second tower was evacuated almost completely and demolition was initiated in fully controlled manner. Politics are special people. Do they have some defect with empathy implementation in their brain algorithms or there is something wrong with rest of us that we tolerate them?

Women are foremost source of troubles. Barbara Olson16 called to her husband, big men in government from the board of Boeing 757 Flight 77. Both of them were greatly exited about a successful provocation that had to completely crash damn liberals concluding decade long project of the right wing conspirators. She spoke too loudly. Near to her had happened to seat an Admiral "Bud" 17. He called to Naval Communication Center at Pentagon to alert about ongoing plot. This message was immediately intercepted by conspirators, of course.

Minister of Defense Rumsfeld is extraordinarily smart, creatively improvising person. He instantly figured out how to clean up possible leak. At first simultaneously strike the recipient of the call in Pentagon destroying all records. Let's use attack helicopter and simultaneously imitate a crash of passenger jet in the same place by cargo C-130 that will mimic a trajectory and then leave the scene 18. What to do with Admiral? Let's collide his plane with some other one that is near by. The mess in skies creates a perfect opportunity. This way one can create impression of enormous terror attack. Four planes appeared highjacked simultaneously. Four is much more than two. It's far beyond just a terrorist attack. It's WAR! Sorry, Barbara and blame yourself for too long tongue.

Essential part of any conspiracy is supplying to public simple answers that cannot be checked. Who killed JFK? Answer - Oswald. Do you not believe? You are crazy. Who kill Diana? Answer - incident because drunk driver. Not satisfied? Psycho. Lennon? Regan? But Regan assassination was an attempt only. By a crazy man. They are crazy in the mad world, these criminals.

There was real danger that any of numerous terrorist groups would claim credit for the attack on WTC before official version will be broadcasted by mainstream media billions times transforming from wild guess into common knowledge just by repetition. "Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine" claimed19 that it was its job in hours. Nobody heard about this organization any more. Al Qaeda20 said director of CIA. It's smelled like Al Qaeda confirmed National Security Adviser Miss Condi. 21 How she can recognize odor of terrorist? Classified and censored.

September 11 changes everything. No more intellectual jobs. No more innovations. Liberal now is synonym of traitor. War? Any time against all enemies till last newspaper. We will liberate whomever we want by precise bombing of business competitors by lead of our sons of the bitches. Rigid self-confidence stupidity with passion this is a patriotic face of new America. No doubts, only repetitions of poem written by Karl.

Do we have the future? That depends on the meaning of word "we".

Addition after Nov.2, 2004.

My worst prediction were confirmed. Bush won presidency. A decisive help come again from Ben Laden advertisement at the eve of voting. The fabricated (?) animation videotape with corrected translation appeared, made a lot of buzz in press and died in information blockade.

That is the end.
For now.

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This time around, there's "Sore Loserman2000,"

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10) Some popular culture seemed to "anticipate" the 9-11 terrorist attacks - Executive Decision (1996) involved an airliner that is hijacked while bound for Washington, D.C. Terrorists aboard the fictional Flight 343 have canisters of nerve gas that is strong enough to kill the entire population on the east coast. The hijackers are Arabic and are demanding the release of their leader, being held in a London prison for extradition to the US. An elite Army team aboard the plane to take out the terrorists. If they fail, the plane will be ordered shot down by the US president''s Crisis Management Team.

11) Would Be Hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui - Zacarias Moussaoui trains at the Pan AAm International Flight School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he pays $8,300 ($1500 by credit card and the remainder in cash) to use a Boeing 474 Model 400 aircraft simulator. After just one day of training most of the staff is suspicious that he's a terrorist. They discuss "how much fuel [is] on board a 747-400 and how much damage that could cause if it hit[s] anything." They call the FBI with their concerns later that day.

12) Tourists evacuated in Statue of Liberty bomb threat - Liberty Island, home to the Statue of Liberty, was evacuated after a bomb threat. No bomb was found.

13) Frenchman who took liberties with the Lady charged - Stuntman Thierry Devaux -- who goes by the name of Terry Do -- hung alongside the wrist of the statue's raised arm for 35 minutes Thursday morning, his red parasail draped over the torch. National Park police and New York City police officers rescued Devaux, apparently uninjured, shortly after 10 a.m. EDT.

14) Did the Twin Towers Collapse on Demand? - According to this theory, then, the plane (and possibly missile) attacks on the WTC triggered this fail-safe mechanism, and one or more engineers were obliged (in consultation with the owners of the WTC — or perhaps the owners acted alone) to decide whether the damage to one or both of the towers was sufficient that there was a significant danger that they would collapse in an uncontrolled manner upon the surrounding areas, and that it was thus necessary to push the button which would detonate the charges and bring the towers down, which they did.

15) Demolition of the World Trade Center - It is a very odd form of science that the government and some of its house scientists practice these days. Without a shred of physical evidence, these modern-day alchemists have been able to "prove" their theory fire caused the towers to collapse. This appears to be yet another monstrous lies. Why else would you destroy the "melted steel"? Ask Rudy.

16) Complete 911 Timeline: American Airlines Flight 77 - A passenger on Flight 77, Barbara Olson, calls her husband, Theodore (Ted) Olson, who is Solicitor General at the Justice Department. Ted Olson is in his Justice Department office watching WTC news on television when his wife calls.
The couple liked to joke that they were at the heart of what Hillary Clinton famously called a "vast, right-wing conspiracy." He doesn't know if she was near the pilots, but at one point she asks, "What shall I tell the pilot? What can I tell the pilot to do?"

17) Victims of the Sept. 11th Attack On The Pentagon - Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Wilson "Bud" Falor Flagg was on American Airlines Flight 77 on Sept. 11 with his wife Darlene Ellen "Dee" Embree Flagg.

18) Pentagon 2001 / 9 / 11 : the fraud ! - it is difficult to imagine that the scene of the Pentagon and surroundings after the crash (the lawn intact, ...) is the scene of a 757 crash.

19) Conflicting reports over those responsible for plane crashes - Abu Dhabi television reported it had received a call from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claiming responsibility for crashing two planes into the WTC buildings. But a DFLP spokesman denied it carried out the acts.

20)Al Quaida deny responsibility - Members Of Bin Laden's Al Quaida have denied any involvement in yesterday's terrorist attacks.

21) 9/11: What Really Happened? - KING: Another briefing. The CIA director says early evidence suggests bin Laden's al Qaeda network.
RICE: Nobody was surprised. It was an incident, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, that looked like, felt like, smelled like al Qaeda.

22) MILITARY 'SPIED' ON RICE - August 27, 2005 -- WASHINGTON — Cyber-sleuths working for a Pentagon intelligence unit that reportedly identified some of the 9/11 hijackers before the attack were fired by military officials, after they mistakenly pinpointed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other prominent Americans as potential security risks, The Post has learned.
The private contractors working for the counter-terrorism unit Able Danger lost their jobs in May 2000. The firings following a series of analyses that Pentagon lawyers feared were dangerously close to violating laws banning the military from spying on Americans...

Note that according 23) Two years before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, U.S. intelligence officials linked Mohammed Atta to al-Qaida, and discovered he and two others were in Brooklyn. They wanted to mount a surveillance operation to track them. - A small group of intelligence employees ran "Able Danger" from the fall of 1999 until February 2001 - just seven months before the terrorist attacks - when the operation was axed.

Originally submitted at 2003


When I wrote this kind of sketch for novel it was brave (I thought) naive (for sure) attempt to attract attention to the legitimate hypothesis that president Bush involved into this horrific crime. Some small healthy part of society joined to truth seeking. But society as a whole was so confused by even hint of thought that democracy is no good by itself. It is no better than human quality of politicians at power. And Bush-Clinton mafia are trash.

Since these time a lot of peaces of information was revealed and some known highlighted.. Nothing of those clears up the Bush. And the opposite is exact true.

a) Bush himself did not denied his involvement. He used fancy linguistic construction to create impression that he denies any his role in the crime but never to my knowledge did it uniquely. Because he knew that lie can be recognized by tremble in voice. And he did never lie. He said that would know attacked by enemy he would stop it. True. But in 9/11 attacked was by his friends! Ne did not stop friends.

b) WTC 7 demolition... No plane hit it. Never before never later skyscraper disintegrated just because of fire. WTC 7 was as reported. If it was prepared for destruction in advance it means WTC south and north was too. If presume that plane crashed in Pennsylvania was aimed to WTC 7 some peaces of puzzle came to place. WTC 7 was wired by explosions and this must not to be revealed. Plane or not plane it was demolished.

c) Ted Olson part of story provide the only smoking gun that creates track size hole in official reports. There is direct contradiction about call of Barbara Olson to her husband.

In 9/11 commission report at page 26 there is the text: At some point between 9:16 and 9:26, Barbara Olson called her husband, Ted Olson, the solicitor general of the United States. She reported that the flight had been hijacked, and the hijackers had knives and box cutters.

At FBI account of calls from hijacked planes presented during Zacarias Moussaoui trial Barbara Olson was not able to connect by phone with Justice department. If Ted Olson lied about call it could explain that he, conservative, was blackmailed to lead efforts to legalize homosexual marriage.

In any case the hope that Presidency of Donald Trump will bring light on this crime is fading rapidly.

Everybody knows the truth. Nobody wants to accept it. They will better blame Russians for everything what going not by conspirators road map.

Nov. 27, 2017; 10:35 EST

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