Red sparrow celebrates moral superiority of frigid psycho woman.

by Leonid Sakharov

The review of Red Sparrow movie. Ridiculous plot. Inconsistent plot. Message of MeToo movement that they can adopt any circumstances to promote the right to celebrate psycho hysteria.

Like almost all Hollywood Russia spy movies, with the only outstanding exception "The Russia house"  based of John le Carre novel, the plot is so ridiculous that there is no way to seriously challenge it. By absurdity it can be only compared with incitement by special counsel Robert Mueller dozen Russian nationals for efforts to work around USA unconstitutional racists laws these aim to deprive minority groups from executing free speech.

By some accounts the time of events in the movie is present days. By many details of entourage like floppy discs, uniform of cadets in school of rough seduction and mannerism of all Russian characters, claim that ill mother of Dominica can be thrown away from apartments belonged to Bolshoi Theatre the time of action is middle nineties of previous century. It was very wise decision to make all Russian characters to speak only in English. One stupidity more one less but production was cheaper that is the only important thing especially taking into account that Jennifer Lawrence eaten more than quarter of whole budget. There were no money left to care for sane depicture of reality.

What the movie is about? It is made for public display astonishly big naked ass of Jennifer Lawrence. It is about half naked Jennifer Lawrence over heavy bottom and out off shape belly standing in front of Russian oligarch. It is about disgusting naked Jennifer Lawrence weaponizing woman promiscuity to cool down her fellow student. It is about power of big women with demeanor of out of control sex toy. It about power not sweet feelings and doll like face. She plays American MeToo Woman who hates man, sex, Harvey Weinstein and whole world so much that to act like she hates Russia, the country she never knew but willing to slander for money. What difference between actresses and prostitutes? Both for money. Both pretend to love. Prostitutes honestly gives real pleasure. Actresses claim moral superiority and paid much more. God for actresses.

The road from Climate change and Black lives matter over checkpoints of racism toward Russians and mass sexual harassment glass ceiling brackets will leads to end of progress apparently demonstrating that old days are good.

Heroine of the movie is called Dominika. The same name as in 007 movie Never say Never. It is not so fanny as to call woman by man name Nikita. But who should be offended by Hollywood? Everybody their are idiots now and proud to be after concisions hitting imaginary walls, ceilings and super heroes.

Mar. 7, 2018; 13:10 EST

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