Doctor Shaw from Prometheus outsmarted and killed angry God.

by Leonid Sakharov

Review of "Prometheus" movie.

“Prometheus” movie has unusual for Hollywood blockbusters solid science fiction plot that overweight impacts for public education on modern philosophical concepts these are entertained even better than best of such films like “Matrix”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “2012” and “Avatar” do.

The plot of “Prometheus” is providing one possible answer for the fundamental question of all questions – what is the origin of the humanity? Putting aside that movie itself more hints and provides more guesses than definitive answer, let’s formulate it in most blunt way. Origin of humanity was unexpected result of execution of too smart philosopher like Socrates of Engineers Civilization who was given a poison to commit suicide but his DNA contaminated Earth, creates life on it and later on humanity. Discovering development of nuclear weapon by humans that threatens domination of Engineers in Universe they initiated project to sterilize Earth from humans by establishing military base for development of biological weapon – unstoppable parasites-lizard like predators Aliens like. These will momentarily consume whole human race been deployed on our Planet. Summing one can say Gods created us, disappointed in us and decided to erase us.

Really there are several motives in Bible like this one. Great Flood and even more relevant story of Sodom and Gomorrah distraction by God when only chosen few were salvaged for continuation of human race. If angry God is a common idea in Bible nobody should be surprised that our Creator could be disappointed and wanted to rid us. What we should we do in such case? The movie gives direct answer – to fight back and kill unkind God! … if we can to.

The best of the “Prometheus” movie is that it opens up question of cognitive value of religion. Can religion provide any practically relevant answer? If we are created by God who created the God? What if God who creates us is somebody like the angry albino giant in the movie? Why should we warship him? Even if we will know for sure that we were an intermediate chain in evolution of life in the Meta Universe propagated from one Big Bang to another, the same as our creators and predecessors? Or if we are just one of the unique collection of improbable coincidences these made us only one civilization among billions uninhabited Universes followed after fruitless Big Bangs? Does it matter for any of us in practical sense? Or the only rational behavior for any of us is playing the game named life against all odds just to prolong it as far as each of us can to? Even for one microsecond more…

Doctor Shaw says yes to fight for herself. Interesting nuance is that she encouraged captain of “Prometheus” to sacrifice for humanity even she was cavalier enough to continue search of irrelevant answers with risk to expose Earth again to angry Engineers. Arrogant leaders… They could be as dangerous as Gods.

Originally submitted at Jun. 10, 2012; 16:51

Nov. 16, 2017; 17:55 EST

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