Difference between good and evil is glamour.

by Leonid Sakharov

The review of Hanger Games movie.
Russian anecdote: Marsha is home. Coming Ivan, making love to her and going out. Marsha is home concerned with thought: Maybe Ivan wanted to tell something?

�Hunger games� movie created the same impression: maybe I don�t understand a message that maybe was there? Actually there were tons of ideas I learned before. One person of extraordinary can make a difference - Superman, D'Artagnan, Gladiator, Napoleon and Simon Cowell. Love is stronger than death � Romeo and Juliette. Rules are meant to be broken � headline news. Reality shows rule - prime-time TV. Investment in marketing returns big � Facebook versus MySpace.

Best impression of the movie made ratio between waist and bottom of leading actress. It is extraordinary indeed. Accompanied with full lips her style makes her justifiable killer of others, not so attractive characters mostly in sort of self-defense settings. And she emotionally political correct too. Angel of revenge of all victims of reality TV as these magnificent woman law anchors she is. Good lipstick too. She is good. President and parrot like announcers are bad. President is too smart, others are too professional. Public likes to think they should be otherwise to pretend to themselves that life has elements of fairness as anybody is trying to seduce apparent tragedy of limited existence, great invention of only self-satisfied God.

By the way, there are confusions with motivations of �bad� participants of the melee. Why they create an alliance? Only to live extra day or two? A sane behavior in such circumstances is a little strange to expect. I would have big difficulties to show my back to any competitor� They are having good time. Strange and very stupid it is. But it is not important as movie itself.

Nevertheless movie is good deal for society. Young adults got fresh role model with the same old message that life is deserve to fight and die for. That is half true. Guess what part. Writer and cast will have money for performance and exterior. Show must go on.


Originally published at Mar. 25, 2012; 01:23

Dec. 6, 2017; 18:54 EST

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