American hustle movie makes me feel defrauded.

by Leonid Sakharov

A review of "American hustle" movie.

American hustle is my biggest mistake in choosing movie trip for family so far. I cannot say that it is bad movie, honestly and objectively. It obviously could find their fans among those selective few who are admiring “Casino”, “Blow”, “Traffic” or other bio-dull productions made for illogical reasons or tailored Oscar. I don’t know how best define this genre. Maybe it is the hoax of bored intellectuals like obamacare. One thins is clear for me. Creators of such so named art don’t care about my mood after final song. I even believe they arrogantly think that I will seek deep hidden sense deciphered in their opus. I will not. There is nothing except misanthropy and I want only one thing from them namely it is revenge in form ticket refund, what I am really want.

I believe that marketing of the “American Hustle” is closing a level of the fraud. It could be only my impression that lines of Jennifer Lawrence "what are those guys you guys are scared of?" "it look like the perfect people to buy me a drink" presented in widely broadcast 34 second trailer was cut in half in released movie. I am not sure and I will not check. I don’t want to see this drug for depression again. I like young star and decision to see movie was in most part based on this scene in the trailer. Deductive reconstruction of whole body of the movie includes “buy me a drink” punch line as a cornerstone of the conclusion that in the movie must be same spicy wild component. Nope. It was just tears squeezing for sort of ordinary nobody gadget.

Previous movie of David Russell with big chunk of cast inherited in “American Hustle” was masterpiece. It was “Silver Linings Playbook” believe it or not. It is difficult seeing how possible to degrade quality of work so dramatically. Maybe after undisputed success director got carte blanche in his new work. If so it is extra prove that any artist needs adult supervision if millions are on stake.

The weakest link of the movie is screenplay. There is real life story as a spine and series citation from numerous famous and not too much predecessors lazy modified just enough to avoid claims of naked plagiarism. Stylistically it is “Casino”. The unavoidable artificial happy end trick taken from classical “The Sting”. By attempt to humanize evil people it is “Blow”. All together it is disgusting salad.

Let’s for argument sake discard most obvious conspiracy theory that movie was done just for money by team drunken of previous success with attempt to show their superiority above ignorant public, artistically deaf industry bosses and corrupt mass media like Chris Matthews willing to invite to cable show and to praise any new movie release if paid.

If to discard the explanation above and accept that the movie was honest attempt to present the truth of life we have a problem. What is the moral of the story? I cannot formulate any without feeling discomfort of saying truisms or plain lies. The protagonist number one in movie is the major in attempt to help his community attracting investments to build casinos. Really?! Is it the noblest cause imaginable? Why not just declare war on moral? Just skip all intellectual tricks and proclaimed themselves profits of decline of human society? In vision oceans rising and resources exhaustion it could be at least open, consistent and honest. But working in drip by drip on erosion of public self-confidence is the scam like whole policy of progressives who are really for hedonistic society of dependent on whom? They don’t think all over yet. They are busy making destructive movies.

I feel bad for Jennifer Lawrence. She plays her part almost flawless. I like her a lot here and in general. Please accept one advice, nice girl. Please, please, please … please read screenplay before signing contract. You are the star already there will be tons of offers. Be picky, please.

Initially submitted at Dec. 26, 2013; 17:06

Since that movie that portrait FBI in negative light Russia witchhunt has been prosecuted in full steam ahead. Result will be most possible the same shameful face fall in dirt demonstrating that accusers are guilty in crimes they point finger on Trumo and Putin.

Nov. 22, 2017; 09:05 EST

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