The adjustment bureau for white noise.

by Leonid Sakharov

It is just mediocre film by idea and execution.

Kevin Lomax: Is this a test?
Pam: Isn't everything?

The Devil's Advocate

Most irritating moments in waste majority of Hollywood movies are a final happy end. It is imminent as mediocrity by definition of average ticket buyer; it is so illogical that ought to be hard worked masked by great harmony of symphony orchestra and multi million smiles of celebratory human assets of BS industry. The adjustment bureau is not exemption. The black angel will bring good message from God… It would be appealing if it were not so out of partnership science with fiction. It is, sorry to say, intellectual quickie.

Based on famous but quite outdated story, script of “The adjustment bureau” tried to be adjusted to contemporary realm of strange stinky world when last two presidents are not only hollow personality with selfish grin, with congress that produces pieces of legislation for special demographic groups important for reelection only and nothing at all for country as whole. In such world when policy of two competitive parties are unrecognizable by deeds. When any questions about corruption in government meet hysterics of prostitutes on anchor positions in mainstream media about “loony, pinhead, and crazy conspiracy theoreticians”. I such world one could expect more from story about mystery organization that aims to keep humanity from self-destructed nature of intellectual animals on the top of food chain. At least not old fashion hats combined with out of science star-door teleportation and sort of modern tablets with software interface borrowed from Asimov’s great second foundation.

Why we like movies? Intellectual puzzle? Not here. Eyes candy? Sort of, maybe… not… For personality one could want to fantasize be in shoes… Not again. Matt Damon wanted at first to project Barak Obama at his great moment after election when nobody knew what a bitter disappointment this man will be. Two years later allusion with Obama stays only on conscious level and diminishing main character to simple blah-blah-blah teleprompter reader. Out of shape, not a best runner, to rational to act true love, he is working out money by clear diction and neutral accent. More or less OK when stamp speech for crowd political groupies. Matt it is yours. Be senator, be president, what the heck, anybody with look and more than half full brain can, why not you? It cannot be shoddier, isn’t it?
Emily Blunt. You are my hero. In the spite of nothing to act role, cold partner you were calculated to bring imagination of inferno of invincible passion that is mission impossible, you was indeed able to show a female character most healthy men like to have one or two stands with, even on regular base up to some married quality time. My standing applauds. No irony, honestly, honey. Thanks, you save the movie from been boring as White House press secretary during international crisis.

Maybe there are some subliminal message in movie? Let’s try to build associative chain of statements based on artifacts incorporated in the independently funded by somebody feature advertisement of what? Obviously, Good. It? he? she-no-no-no thinks about existence of humanity. He is sort of kind. At least not sadistic, isn’t he? Like government. Politicians are human being. Hm-m. O-oo-ok. Politics is about doing nothing with groove face. What for to try to govern if the only free will exercise allowed is true love kiss. Crowd all around is not important. Island hold Statue of Liberty is empty place at day. No liberty for everybody, only for chosen two. No tourist allowed when demon jumping across city of gold bull. Bluntly speaking, conspiracy is sacred act of Owner. Respect it. Democracy is power of God. Shut up blue deep. What it means? Who knows, who cares about sense, definitely not team of adjustment bureau, they are about harvesting trailer and checking our waste time.

Initially submitted at Mar. 6, 2011; 05:33

Reading this review for new edition of my website I did enjoy the nostalgia not knowing future writing this. I stand for all in the review above. I think now that it was conscious message about origin of Obama presidency - intervention of out of scene forces. But message wasn't clear enough to satisfy neither conspiracy theorists no adepts of progressive religion.

Nov. 16, 2017; 08:45 EST

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