Language hookers.

by Leonid Sakharov

Twisted language is the power tool to manipulate public opinion media using routinely.

There is nothing new under the moon. Manipulation with the most distinct attribute of the human race is nothing but standard procedure of leaders and wannabes. It is also the eternal source for frustration educated folks who found themselves in the position of continues devaluations of their knowledge base. We can argue that those, so named educated parts of population, are in fact book nerds without sufficient bonds with real life.

We can comfort ourselves that continues changing meanings of words is indeed the adaptation to the ever changing realm. And we can relax surrendering to unavoidable progress and to profits of the future history (!??) proclaimed that they are voice of the Science and on the right side of the History as if they are just from there back to our looks like open choices present. They have the point –future ought to belong to young… most possible… If they will not be overdosed by drugs and premature dead without spring… Game of natural selection could produce unexpected turns and twists. Their beloved Science could grant the cure from aging that will be so expensive that only old style rich people could afford it to buy and all progressives crowd will extinct on the “right side of the History” to footnotes … protesting. Life is the game when dead loser will not hear final serene. So the only rational behavior is never surrender to anybody including language cheaters.

Anchor. There are anchors, hookers, actors, announcers, prostitutes and professionals. One person could be labeled with all or most of these words. These words are synonymous for some and insult for others like anchors of cable news channels. They would prefer to call themselves legitimate journalists instead lapdogs of industrial military complex or what is more precise for present moment – provocateur agents for intelligence and propaganda community. Anchor must lend his own visual and vocal profile of trustworthy and attractive human species to often unproved and questionable stories.

Let’s imaging that some dirty, drunk and ugly homeless creature on street of your town would cry back to you about necessity to help hordes of young muslim men pouring illegally into sometime ago Christian Europe? Will you donate one cent? I bet most of you not, from feeling of spontaneous squeamishness. But let modify this picture and put at the place of a cadger a Miss Universe. Many of us will participate in dialog just for pleasure of her company and will drop twenty buck bill to pay for her teasing smile, not to help illegal invaders, really. But the goal of manipulators will be achieved – you will act against your own interests. Congratulations, just humans. Anchors got you.

Anchor: “Our sources from government just told us that even after terrible attack on USA by Osama we (anchors) make Americans to elect Obama Hussein as President of USA.”

Freedom. A modern science is based on the pillow of the concept of determinism that means the same outcome for the same conditions. No freedom is allowed, only formulas for calculation of result of experiment that must be identical with some precision at any place where any human will try to reproduce it. No caprice of subject of experiment is permissible. Outcome can be principally stochastic like numerical combination of dices thrown by gambler but nevertheless probabilities of each case is determined by formula or statistically calculated on the base of previous outcomes. There could be situations when in frontier science there are no formulas and even no explanations for outcomes of experiment but it must be identical in any laboratory no matter what continent, dominant religion or political preference of researcher otherwise it is not Science. There is no free will for subjects of science, period. That really means that no freedom exists in Nature as Science deems to describe it.

In world of politicians a word “freedom” is a part of every second positive slogan. Free for vacation at warm ocean beach, nice, isn’t it? Free will is the cornerstone of jurisprudence. How society can justify punishment of wrongdoers if they have no free will? It could be absurd to weep stone brick for interference of fee walk across the gold paved road. It cannot be guilty. Stone brick doesn’t move by itself, its surrounding does move stone. Human being also doesn’t invent laws of Nature he or she obeys them as every other subject-object in our Universe. Freedom and free will is illusion imposed by society on its parts to hide real situation – punishment is not for act of evil. Punishment is the instrument for stability of society. Any law in society is directed for self- preserving this society or it is not civilized law. But the distinction between good and bad laws can be done only post factum – laws of surviving societies are good. End of story. When is the end? Just a wait.

Pro-Life. Fresh consumer of flow of political news must be confused by group named themselves pro-lifers with pacifists and vegetarians (really even vegans kill live broccoli for food). Logically pro-lifers should be against any killing that is impossible for any alive creature except probably toe fungus. In fact most of pro-lifers are for capital punishment, military operations all around and recreational hunting. They just don’t stand abortions. They called it murder. When woman decides that she would be better off without giving birth and directly or indirectly kills her fetus these folks pretending to be against killing in principle. They are also strongly against killing pretty blond girls, dogs and small children. They are in theory against murdering other people if they attend Sunday Church. When they are asked about nuclear war that is ultimate end of whole life in our universe – they blindly support our troops. They are patriots. Before being disgust of them, ask yourself how long would society last without traditional patriots who form family and nurture next generation of patriots. If the answer – I don’t care, you are Icona Pops or pro-choice.

Pro-choice. This crowd are predominantly women who don’t want be forced to procreate. They extend concept “no means no” from moment of man sperm evacuation up to first cry of the baby. I could be wrong about it. Maybe even farther, don’t want to know – have thin skin. Idea is that if woman say “No” everything what she did before should be consider a practical joke of free expression and roll back to the condition before first date. It is her choice that has higher priority than life of child until it biologically connected to her body. In simple words she has legal right to kill fetus. It is not a murder in legal sense the same as killing at war or execution a convict, it is authorized by government. Feeling not comfortable? Women are free to make choice about her body. Sound much better, indeed. Little modification of language saves a lot of shame.

Reproductive rights. Sounds like human rights. Really it is right not to procreate. They insist on the right to live in promiscuity without participating in relay of generations. Just saying – let me out, I will be happy here and now, buy-buy humanity. They choose a dinosaurs fate. The most funny thought about it that this selfish choice could happen to be noble sacrifice if society is filled above capacity of its territory.

Nontraditional marriage. Marriage is a name of card combination of King and Queen of the same suit in popular in Russia game of Preferans. This combination has special name because it guarantees one score like one Ace does. King and Queen have different gender. It is marriage when two persons of different gender produce one child or more. If they care to nurture them up to adulthood it is a family. Before our terrible times when Earth had happened to be too small for next full generations of traditional family with three kids it was common, alphabet like knowledge. Should traditional birth rate continue with rate of baby-boomer epoch humanity would face a choice between covering whole solid of earth with corn fields or with parking spaces. Fortunate fact about these options is that there will be no traffic as soon any cars will move staying at place without drop of gas, bumper to bumper. There is my message to remaining stubborn conservatives with traditional family with happy kids. Say Big Thanks to self castrated liberals who chose to disappear from this universe without trace. They make great sacrifice in your kids favor. Do pray for their saint lonely souls. Let’s God deal with them it is not our business.

Sacrifice. Did solders make ultimate sacrifice dying on the battle field? Or they commit assisted suicide by cowardly enemy? One of the most useless activities of human beings is a war. It is undeniable truth at modern history. Could you point out any significant case when population of victorious in war country got slaves, wealth or anything valuable except caskets of their sons? I cannot. Human sacrifice was ritual practiced in ignorant communities. Sacrifice is just idiotic self hurting procedure especially when victims of barbarism were specially selected best looking youth. None of these mobs hordes developed into Empire. What is the subconscious message could be in using the word “sacrifice” by language cheaters?

They are deflecting attention of public from idiotic wars onto feeling for victims of these stupid activities. We don’t want to accept the fact that in our name our government wastes our children into dismantled meat for no other reason but profit of weapon producers and salaries of intelligence communities. Manipulators will name victims as heroes who made ultimate sacrifice for preserving our way of life. I bet no one severally injured in Iraq or Vietnam wars would not volunteer to repeat this experience should they have a choice. Except clinical sociopaths like Senator MaCain maybe but only up to the point to do practical step back to the real fight personally, I believe.

Believe. Do you believe in Science of humanly driven climate change? What?! Science and believe in one sentence is a nonsense. But this construction of question is perfect for embarrassed any reasonable person. What to answer if you are given a chance to respond only in one sentence? “F*** you” is the best variant but speech police already prevents honesty in reasonable discussion. You could try to explain that word believe is proper to use only in combination with Religion. So a right answer on the question about influence of human activity on changing temperature of Earth could be like this: to my estimation human activity add (take from) 0.0x Celsius degrees per year with precision 0.x, where x is some numerical digits (no idea how much exact). It could be scientifically acceptable answer even if numbers most possible will be wrong. Later on numbers would be corrected; Science does it all the time.

Let’s for argument sake accept the premise that warming the Earth as result of human activity is a fatal problem humanity faces. The obvious logical solution is to rid off humans from the overheated planet, sort of put liberals into freezers, isn’t it? Language cheaters will offer other option – tax everybody and give money to investors into solar technology these had happened to be donors into progressive political movement. Mix religious and science, scare, tax and run with money proclaiming bankruptcy, having no shame. Hey, progressives – I don’t believe you deserve anything but modern family.

Progress. At the most charts one can find period with positive growth. Suffering with anencephaly liberals called themselves progressives define political term “progress” as small period in human history when ratio personal rights toward debt to society for any given person in society has positive trend. But let’s take a broad look at a fate of one individual. He or she makes tremendous progress from childhood metamorphosing into adult and later on becoming sick and dead. Is it attractive development, I don’t think so. Progress in personal human rights if it contradicts with stability of society at whole will lead to revolution, civil war, mass murdering. What about human rights of victims of civil wars, progressives? About their right to live? Progressives don’t care about single person. They want to be on the right side of History, lead crowd into destroying hated elite and replacing rich and power for their own pleasure.

Don’t believe anything and anyone. Don’t believe one single word of this article. Just think well yourselves. Reality is complex enough to justify hard mental efforts.

Initially submitted at Sep. 10, 2015; 09:04

The theme of language manipulation is much bigger and deserves not only one satiric article but whole dictionary. That is in plan.

Dec. 2, 2017; 09:34 EST

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