Mika Brzezinski. Between grass and ass.

by Leonid Sakharov

Once upon in Harvard Mika Brzezinski travel to sell her brand new book about everything in Brattle Theater at Friday Jan. 8, 2010. Announcement was the same morning at “Morning Joe” and after simple research on internet and then phone call to bookstore I figure out that my usual healthy walk from Spy Pond to Harvard Square will give me solid chance to add new meeting with this political personalities into my memory book. “There are plenty tickets” I was told by somebody from bookstore. Doors opens half hour in advance, he added.

The crowd at doors was typical "intelligencia". Grey looked gentlemen bragged to similar pale friends about knowledge of TV and spontaneous humor. Something like that “Flintstones” in not just old show but “prehistoric”. He was very proud for paradoxical literacy of remarks. Happy rainman frozen in childhood. Name Brzezinski is quite emotionally charged for me. In Soviet Union  Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was called ‘jarui' (very difficult to find adequate word in English – in general it means restless, absolute bias bully) enemy of Russia. Actually politically correct was to speak that he is enemy of Soviet Union, but everyone understand that he hates Russia and Russians as most apologists of Poland independence.

With great deal of oversimplification one can characterizes Poland history as place that was passed back and forth by invaders for centuries during wars between Russia and other European countries. Poland always enthusiastically joined winners keeping fingers crossed and disgusting next in long row ruler. Last occupier before birth of Zbigniew was Russia Empire so he hates Russians. Yes, it is primitive logically, but also pathologically. So strong negative passion pushed him to dangerous endeavors. Let’s just take an Afghanistan. Soviets invaded it in 1979. If Afghanistan would be pacified like it was done for other middle Asia territories like Uzbekistan by Russians, who knows how to deal with tribe populations, for now Afghanistan should be quiet and sort of civilized country. Not really beacon of culture but mostly harmless.No al-Qaeda, no suicide bombers – atheists value the only life they have high enough not to waste for really nothing.

There would be no 9/11 attack, no stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brzezinski as security adviser was too blinded by ultimate goal destroying USSR to think strategically in interest of USA. His personal revenge agenda lead to boycott of Olympian Game in Moscow at 1980. Thanks a lot, little man with global chess board in dispose.

Socialism and Soviet Union was destroyed. We had free health care there but country can not produce good jeans. Ironically now US democrats dream about free health care and already outsourced clothes manufacturing to communist China. Congratulations with your victory. Now you can continue to wit with map of conflict. Thanks again from all victims of senseless conflicts and terror acts you helped do.

Anyway Mika Brzezinski wrote a memoir about her value and other books. She is a part of cast one of the best slot for morning TV and want to monetize popularity. Fair game I think. I am not a moralist in any way but fascinated very much by elasticity of human psyche. Specifically I would like to research the conflict of TV personalities who forced to keep real thought under mask of optimistic object of sexual fantasies performing act of seduction into image of word constructed by owners of TV networks.

If you are actor or prostitute your job is lying to entertain customers. Until both sides accept rules of the game there is no dishonesty. It is a part of free market. And it is not really interesting until John got married hooker. Even this is not too intriguing, it happens. Fun part begins when legitimate and respectful sometime in past profession transforms its premise and basic culture. Young person could want to be journalist been inspired by Watergate scandal when truth seekers topped down most power man just for small lie about minuscule event. Since then some mechanisms of establishment protection from independent journalists were built into mass media. They just rid off independence in profession. Facts, not theories, not opinion, just iron hard facts will be pushed out from public attention if "they" decide that people better don’t know those facts as irrelevant for them.

No one of so named “journalists” will ever say on air not recommended truth.

It happens that I know same of such facts. They can be found in open sources, never officially classified as secret to best of my knowledge, but they could have explosive effect on public perception if followed in manner like Nancy Grace hunted Scott Peterson. He is legitimate prey for TV anchor. Upper echelons of intelligence community are not. Too dangerous for poor Nancy.

Specifically I refer two days event with Statue of Liberty. Just three weeks before 9/11 of 2001 there were two days in a row of evacuations of Statue of Liberty. Aug. 22, 2001 all tourists, three thousand of them, were taken out without explanation. My son was there too. (Later on I dig out the mention in very local paper that it supposed to be bomb threat). Next day, Aug. 23, 2001, there were parachute stunt with landing on the torch of Lady Liberty.

I am sure that if any anchor of TV show on air asked Major Rudy Giuliani about bomb threat evacuation of Statue of Liberty the history could make sharp turn. There is a logic of breaking news. He will pretend, then lie, then reveal some, then criticized by political rivals, then ask why he hided facts, what other facts he had never told about… No so named "journalists" will ever do this in these days.

Mika Brzezinski in presentation tries to project an image proud professional accomplished the by hard work and righteous of character. But by status of family she must to know things these she cannot reveal to public. I just wanted to know how she lives with herself. How prostitute could convince herself that she just likes sex and money is only pleasant surprise from next lover. What she think about herself? Is she consider her profession as journalist as representative of crowd of paupers or lucky winner of golden ticket into factory of politically correct lie? My impression was that she sees people outside narrow circle of family as under human. You cannot lie to animal. Public in crowd are not reference group. Hence there is no shame to lie or keep ill-informed somebody who is not from upper elite. Maybe it’s true. It works for Madoff until bankruptcy after many happy fruitful years.

I asked question about censorship and gave Statue of Liberty as example. She was shield by Barnicle who unfortunately came late, pretended not understand question and mumbling porridge about bias in media.

Sorry Mika, but I still want to know… Maybe not…

Originally submitted at Jan. 11, 2010; 17:48

A lot of events has happened since this article was initially published. Mika lost her last cells of her brain mind after election of Trump. Her word was put upside down, hatred to Russians amplified by the goal impeach Trump by any means necessary. If it would be pure and clear racism so what? Sad. She cold be just nice woman. This role is much better for human soul than TV warmonger personality.

Nov. 20, 2017; 16:52 EST

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