Business model of CNN is to induce terror of politically correct falsehood of selectively bias reporting.

by Leonid Sakharov

If CNN was always wrong before it gives reasonable hope to expect that COVIC-19 pandemic will happen to be only exercising in public obedience to crazy left politicians. The same as setting clocks to winter time one hour back and forth or staring at the ocean water line waiting epic flooding because global warming and catching cold freezing in a process.

I like to have CNN in my living room as background white information noise. Having it for years I want to share the main observation about how CNN keeps having big enough audience to sell advertisements being in the same time always wrong.

The secret is anchors. So named CNN family is the cast of special people with extraordinary salary. They have sold personality for money. The same as leading actors in movies secure attendance to the big budget films in theaters anchors gather audience for TV channels. It is as trivial as it sounds. There are few dozens personalities in the world able catching attention only for X-factor to be interesting person, for their celebrity personas. News channels sell not information but illusion of belonging to the group of extraordinary people concerning about important events and discussing it. Viewer has illusion that him or her truly understanding topic in full complexity and can influence outcome. It is no more than mirage of course. They are brainwashing your brain as their masters pleased to.

The key word here is important. As soon your attention is captured the choice of topics already not your free will. What CNN is talking about is important by definition. If something are not in News it means it is or irrelevant or there is no evidence to confirm it (if they say so), not exists. Your opinion means less than nothing. Try to argue. Your voice is not important too. Monopoly on news is the opposite to freedom of speech. It is totalitarian brainwashed society ruled by reality show of CNN owners. Who they are – it is not important, CNN says. They are anonymous rulers of childish society and they are behind cameras. Who? Take your poison.

Every hour next segment of reality show CNN is divided on topics with ideal situation when there is one monstrous size event that swallows all attention. CNN mobilizes all its enormous recourses to cover this News Number One - The Headline. Keeping aside short adrenaline rush of hurricane coverage Number One topic could lasts for months or even years. Sometime it is legitimate important occurrence like war or economic collapse but often CNN chooses the conflict of no clear right or wrong side to chose. But CNN always promotes one version of outcome over all others and virtually always chooses wrong because ideology preferences of owners.

The recipe for long playing Number One story is quite straightforward. There is investigation of the crime or something that could be a crime or presented as outrage morally wrong. It takes months from first report to court decision to establish guilt or innocence. If there will be no court procedure it is even better the story would be closed only when other one would push previous out from the focus of attention. The main ingredient of the successful story is possibilities of several interpretations of events. CNN propagates official version as common sense and mocks all others as fringe conspiracies theories. CNN is always wrong at the finish line and hopes that nobody would care to present a check.

There are some examples:

Chandra Levy disappearance.

It was Number One story before 9/11 terror attack. The associate of Congressman Gary Condit did disappear. Because last name of Congressman provokes sexual fantasies the ordinary crime case was blown up by CNN beyond any reasonable proportions. At this point nobody is found guilty in murder of pour girl but innocent man reputation and career were destroyed completely just for TV rating.

9/11 terror attack.

It is special case. Everybody knows about and nobody wants to know everything. For unsatisfied in official narrative dissidents was invented mocking nickname – truthers. They wanted truth instead to go into war for high oil prices. Only one person with absolute alibi (was in jail during event) was fond guilty by plea deal. CNN enjoyed big rating.

WMD in Iraq.

After 9/11 attack next big story was Iraq war and Saddam Hussein despot alike persona. For casus belli was chosen WMD of Saddam Hussein that he probably developed and maybe could want to use on somebody sometime who doesn’t want to wait mushroom like cloud. CNN actively promoted this official guess work of intelligence community including street interview with questioning like: do you convinced with presentation of Collin Powel in the United Nation? Do I need to say that that presentation was fiasco of truth? Intelligence community was wrong but war was the true. CNN had nice rating.

Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.

Teenager blond girl was disappeared from home and than found in nine months in company with strange couple nearby were gone from. It was weird excises of journalism to tell story without explaining true character of relationship abducted girl with crazy couple. It was because privacy concerns, like CNN bothers about ever.

Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Soon after mystery of Smart other blond girl disappeared in Aruba during vacation. This story had everything for everyone except resolution in happy end style. It looks like for me that story was that the girl tried to have sex on the beach with occasional partner who failed to perform and was abandoned there alone by him; had bad idea to swim at night before returning to dull home to ordinary life and drown in the ocean. Sad story when reckless romance goes to the stupid tragedy. For years CNN and other networks enjoyed fantastic rating in quest to destroy a boy who maybe was involved in something with the American blond girl. The only obvious outcome of CNN efforts was that the boy murdered other girl and landed in jail. Not cool CNN.

Death of Caylee Anthony.

Yong mother did not grief after disappearance of her two years old daughter instead attending party and dancing. She was presumed guilty in the heinous crime of killing her kid by CNN on that basis. After long time of public lynching her by CNN the jury in court proclaimed her innocence in murder. CNN was devastated. Why? Because life is more complex than you think, CNN. Deviations from norm could be outrageous but they are not prove of crime in absence of direct evidence.

Election of Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin refused to roll over and play dead and was savaged for history by CNN and company. Collateral damage.

Birth place of Barack Obama.

The question where Barack Obama was born is completely legally inconsequential as soon his mother was American citizen so he is naturally born citizen eligible to be elected to the position as President. The real story was why he did not produce a birth certificate at once and waited for Donald Trump been involved and then in a week after presented the document organized the shut down of all discussions with declaration about Osama assassination by order of Obama. CNN did then “perfect journalistic work” that means it investigated nothing by itself and mocked all who tried too. That is standard operation procedure of CNN when controversy could derail progress of progressives to progress right side of history. Donald Trump was elected as President after all. Was it your goal, CNN? I doubt it. You are just the loser.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance.

The airplane disappeared in 2014 in thin air without a trace. Whole year after CNN non stop organized international search operation. Relying on British fuzzy and unverifiable analysis of satellite communications the place of crash was presumed near Australia, in opposite direction of flight destination. All search efforts had produced nothing. Other possibility from this analysis was in opposite direction up to center of Asia land that point out at possibility that the plane was hijacked and passengers could be alive. CNN made the bet that after plane crash discovery it will claim credit for resolving mystery and bringing a closure for relatives of passengers. Not happened. CNN lost because arrogant overconfidence in best anchor like experts money can buy. But money cannot buy free thinking. Guess why?

Financial crisis.

Collectively whole world lost its mind in idea of borrowing money from banks to buy homes. Finally obvious truth was realized that if to play responsible and fair, meaning by the words in contracts, almost everybody would be bankrupt. There was expression “moral hazard” to explain the need for society to punish irresponsible players and reward reasonable ones. It is the basis for free market that is foundation of capitalism. Together with favorite politicians CNN cleaned out moral hazard from lexicon. No not from life where it is now replaced by compassion, just from language.

Arab spring.

Out of the blue sky starting from December 2010 all countries at the south shore of Mediterranean Sea one by one riot overtaking totalitarian rulers. Dead and misery with mass migration to the time still yet stable Europe. CNN actively promoted marches of young strong Arab men invasion into European countries presenting them as poor desperate women with hungry kids. As a result United Kingdom exited from EU and migration stopped. Open societies was feed up. Conservatives parties won elections. CNN lost.

ISIS – ISIL casus.

From Iraq and Syria came reports about brutal organization of radical Islam followers establishing something like the state governing large territory. The attention of public was captured by videos of life beheading of prisoners and mass executions of surrendered soldiers government armies. The name of the organization was ISIS (Islamic Army of Iraq and Syria) but President Obama used the ISIL instead. Insisting on resurrection of historic name of the area covering present parts of Syria plus countries far west like Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. It could be logical if to expect spreading this cancer so far. CNN did never investigate where Obama took this idea about Levant. CNN is considered Obama a prophet of forces of Good. Trump ended this project of ISIL idea at once and later on finished ISIS at the ground. CNN lost.

Black lives matter.

The idea of systematic police brutality selectively against Afro-Americans was propagated by CNN as a token of loyalty to the Barack Obama. Starting from fiasco Gates arrest followed Obama- Crowley “stupid” beer summit, via Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin fatal shot with innocent verdict (CNN lost) and numerous other episodes to Philadelphia riot with no guilty verdicts to policemen involved there were deliberate efforts of CNN to create the narrative of unfair treatment of black people in America. The story ends naturally with more exiting topic – to blame Russians for everything. Russian are white so no racism there.

Russia investigation.

Trump was at first a darling of leftists CNN considered him as weakest opponent for Hillary Clinton to get. When CNN and Clinton lost again their bet in president race the new all consuming story Number One emerged – to make revenge on Trump. Ridiculous idea that Russia propaganda could decisively affected an election of Trump was put in front before everything else. After years of madness CNN got nothing. No Russians was verdicts guilty for nothing related to the election 2016. Poor Maria Butina was jailed just for been a good girl with illusions about freedom in USA. No apologies required, CNN. Thanks for showing your true racist face. It is ugly hypocritical nice. Just for Nancy Pellocy to kiss.

COVID-19 flu hysteria.

This is the current Number One Story. The new virus was chosen to create mass hysteria to defeat Trump by hurting perfect economy. The problem is that panic come first and knowledge about virus later. Or science of the decease will be suppressed. The creator of panic is CNN, the victims will be all of us. Honest observer of news notes that he or she knows less than a little of reliable facts about the newly declared decease and has no ability to independently verify information obtained from CNN. Is this new disease really novel one or just variation of known ordinary respiratory illnesses? What is the actual mortality rate? Is it significantly larger than of ordinary flu or sort of the same? Why all projections of mathematical models are wrong? Maybe panic is induced by CNN without scientific foundation just on the question what if it is dangerous? There are numerous dangers in life. Do you aware that mortality rate of humans is 100% per life? What if panic not founded but economic devastation is? Thanks for nothing CNN.

If CNN was always wrong before it gives reasonable hope to expect that COVIC-19 pandemic will happen to be only exercising in public obedience to crazy left politicians. The same as setting clocks to winter time one hour back and forth or staring at the ocean water line waiting epic flooding because global warming and catching cold freezing in a process.

Welcome to the ***** club, reader.

Apr. 22, 2020; 15:00 EST

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