Sorrow dead end of American Idol.

by Leonid Sakharov

Story Of American Idol after amazing years of glory is coming to natural end.

Current TV schedule provide only few programs to watch together and later discuss. Main disqualification factor is excess of stupidity. On the second place is scent of hidden agenda behind a lot of series – “Big bang Theory” – scientists are stupid jerks; “Will & Grace” – open propaganda homosexual life style; “Nancy Grace” –indiscriminate power of revenge to feel better; MSNBC – cult of personality; “Law and Order” – propaganda of notion that there is some law and order. You get a picture.

List of decent shows becomes shorter and shorter.

Most resent lost cannon is “American Idol”. Simon Cowell found winning combination survival game, viewer involvement making impression of fair competition, soup opera of three judges and presenter social interaction; evidence that there are yet backdoor elevators for talented individuals.

Ousting yesterday of Hollie Cavanagh was final straw for me to take remote control and and after admitting to myself – all good things have end – push favorite button out.

Really it comes to judges. Veteran Randy Jackson was simple man from the beginning and jo! He evolved into assassin of fate of any participant he personally doesn’t like using “pitchy” gun. Jennifer Lopez in her prime overusing word “crazy” clear demonstrating richness of her thesaurus ("do do" you hair), Steven Tyler – is fan with “beautiful” epithet for any karaoke performance obviously doesn’t care about competition itself enjoying saying something sophisticated so deep into his murky conscious uncomfortably hinting that value of rock star life is overrated.

From four remaining contestants three have personal identification to one of the judges. They chose to hen around everybody except one doomed little girl no matter how unfair it looks. To her credit Hollie saw it coming and elegantly song good bye to prejudice team of musical pundits. She will be remembered as person who cleared last doubts about objectivity of reality shows.

Initially submitted at May. 11, 2012; 15:31

Leo at May. 10, 2013; 11:50:
"American Idol" Getting New Judges, Big Makeover For Season 13
Season 12 was surprisingly much worse than previous bad one. Judge"s comments were ether predictable or indecent. Nicki Minaj several times came so close to sexual harassment that absence of law suits from contestants may witness probably about cruel contract clauses on the level of adult only industry. The only commercial level contestant was eliminated before finale. From bad to ugly.

American Idol was done. In steady degrading movement. There were many factors but main of them is just drying the pool of  potential talents.

It was good experience but everything good finally coming to end.

Dec. 7, 2017; 15:21 EST

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