The money pumping machine on the base of random and predictable market.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

Can market be predictable and random in the same time? Yes if is manumulated in special way to be money pumping machine.
There is commonly acceptable paradigm that price movements of the free and liquid market is random and as such is unpredictable with any level of certainty. Examples of successful players are referred to largest resourced for market analysis of large firms compare to intuitive individuals, so named retail investors. But if heavy data analysis can positively affect bottom line of speculations it means that market is predictable. Nevertheless up to now nobody demonstrates any examples of statistically significant irregularities of the hypothesis of pure random movements of prices. Some feels that market is completely rigged. How itís possible that market can be both random and predictable? Thatís how.

Letís accept that some commodities and shares prices are depend on consequential events and/or financial moves. They can be manipulated. For example mortgage rate directly influence price of homes. Under the same other conditions the smaller mortgage rate the higher homes price. The smaller base interest rate of FED the higher DOW. After approval of experimental drug the share price of the company is skyrocketing. The war, unrest, revolution is moving market as well. There are plenty events these could predictable move market. It is so obvious that market is predictable for holder of such information that so named ďinsider tradeĒ is a crime for individuals who holds non public information. The common red flag to alert authorities on possibility of insider trading is immediate money movements just before public announcement that lately greatly benefit of the player. There is presumption that life is so volatile that nobody can know events months ahead. What if it is an illusion?

What we really know about activity of so named intelligent community? What we really know about trilateral commission. What we really know about mutual communications of billionaires? There are only several thousand of them. It is very small club of them. We know less than nothing. We know only lies they are telling us. Sometimes they get caught in a lie as it was at Iraq WMD pretext to war. But independently bought press keeps reporting unverifiable claims from these communities as if Godís words. Maybe they are if be so enlightened to understand that God can lie. He is almighty anyway who makes him not to?

So if accept that group of persons who constitute word wide elite can at will to set prices of most commodities and/or shares at any moment than members of this group can commit perfect unrecognizable crime constructing money pump. This is how it could work. For one trading entity at random date in future by random number generator they are establishing a price. Like blind person will mark a point on price-time chart in some future. Important to emphasize that position of this point is chosen in true random style so nobody from public has no way to predict its position. Then this information is distributed along members of the elite to be aware far ahead of actual events. Months, years ahead. Image how much financially you would be better off if at summer of 2005 you knew for sure that on March 9, 2009 the S&P index will hit the bottom value 666? You would act accordingly and benefit greatly. This elite group could do it on permanent base. And for all others players market would appear true random.

To weight for yourselves is it plausible that world shaking events and unexpected financial steps are orchestrated by world elite mainly to accumulate wealth and not by logic of so named progress of humanity. You can ask about is it in character of wealthy person to manipulate with vital information to gain fortune. Just check story of Rothschild actions when Napoleon had met his Waterloo. Progress was done since.

Oct. 13, 2017; 12:30 EST

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