End of summer photo session at Walden Pond.

by Leonid Sakharov

This photo session was during one of the last days of summer when I ride there on bicycle to escape oppressive heat. The photo occasions that day was special remarkable with showing chipmunk, hawk at close proximity and other nice scenes.
Chipmunk runs at side path around Walden Pond and stares at me. Chipmunks have habits to run just before person as if they play Russian roulette will foot step on it or maybe not? One time I was unlucky and pressed one down. Sorry pall. In reality they are not too intelligent and actually want to track coming danger and escape in the same time. To understand that for safe run it is necessary to turn around at first they have to small brain. They just run in direction of sign across path.
Chipmunk does his business at forest.
Chipmunk sits at tree branch.
Chipmunk is hiding under grass.
Chipmunks have camouflage coloring that makes its visible only when moving loudly at dry foliage.
Thoreau cabin site.
Thoreau cabin site other view.
Memorial stone at the place of Thoreau cabin site.
Memorial stone at the place for woodshed of Thoreau cabin.
Thoreau cabin site and the view at Walden Pond at background.
Stone is put in unusual position at beach.
This is unusual position looks like just for fun.
Grasshopper comes and then goes away on the Walden Pond beach.
Flock of birds above Walden Pond will be behind tree line soon.
Geese graze at the shore of Walden Pond.
People on kayak makes social talk.
Main beach of the Walden Pond as seen from distance at the water surface level.
I did almost pass the Hawk at Walden Pond that sat at tree near the path almost motionless.
Hawk stared at me I did stare at it.
Hawk is on alert.
This how head of hawk looks like at large zoom enlargement.

Sep. 11, 2018; 17:08 EST

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