Scenes at Walden Pond.

by Leonid Sakharov

Here are pictures of Walden Pond made by me featuring variety of scenes of life here. Animals feel safe but for fish it is illusion. Lifeguard keeping eye on us. We appreciate them. And everybody in harmony wants to relax and collect energy for new working week.
A thunderstorm is coming. Lifeguards issue warning to be out of water. But there is some time to relax before. Any opportunity to enjoy life must be used in complete.
Some lifeguards are watching for us. Other lifeguards are watched by us.
Hawk lives in Walden Pond Reservation. It can be seen sometime. It is not too shy but also does not feel obligated to be always at the scene. One can walk nearby when hawk sits at tree branch.
This fish was caught seconds before this moment. Fishing is popular at Walden Pond by some mysterious reason. Not because there is no fish. Even big fish can be got out. Just very simple analysis of time spend and price of fish obtained shows that even minimum salary job will be much more profitable.
At dry season as nowadays the promenade around Walden Pond by the edge of water meets welcome reaction.
A turtle loves sunbathing.
Even excessive heat gives enjoyable moments when water is warm and as clean as at Walden Pond at summer.
This duck appears at surface for seconds and them goes underwater for fish.
To walk around Walden Pond at winter could be pleasure too.
Beaches are all around and across of Walden Pond.
Ducks have happened to swim at Walden Pond too. They are not very common creatures here nevertheless.
Heron lives at Walden Pond reservation. Here it is at meadow.
Lifeguard is preparing for her shift of duty at watch tower.
Swimming across Walden Pond is one of the major attractions here.
There is typical picture of activity at main beach of Walden Pond.
Ready to rescue.
The landscape Thoreau did see.
There was a deer mom at the way bike riding to Walden Pond.
The open office of lifeguard at main beach.

Aug. 28, 2018; 19:07 EST

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