Henry David Thoreau landmarks at Walden Pond.

by Leonid Sakharov

Walden Pond is nice place by itself. There is no need to inflate its beauty with legends. Actually the main problem of Walden Pond is limited parking space. Story of Henry David Thoreau who lived there for some years is quite vague as most cultural influential myths. Why did moved into cabin in woods about one and half mile from parents home? Was it tax evasion, prolong camping, conscious care about negative influence humanity on water quality or all of above? It doesn’t mater. The icon of environmentalism creates sense of higher purpose for Walden Pond attendees apart from revitalization on ponds beaches.

The statue of Henry David Thoreau and replica of his cabin in parking lot area at Walden Pond.
Other view of Henry David Thoreau and cabin in parking lot area at Walden Pond.
Henry David Thoreau and cabin at Walden Pond.
Replica Thoreau cabin at Walden Pond.
The poster about Thoreau time at Walden Pond.
Interior of the cabin of Thoreau at Walden Pond.
Here is environmentalism starts.
Visitors have spot inside Thoreau cabin.
There is original place where remains of Thoreau cabin was discovered. It located less than half of minute walk to Walden Pond shore.
I went to the woods words of Thoreau at near stone pyramid at place of original cabin.
The pyramid to commemorate a Thoreau at Walden Pond. Most possible the pyramid was spontaneously created by visitors of Walden Pond reservation.
There is landmark stone about Thoreau cabin.
The place of Thoreau cabin is nature blends into environment as it should.
The path around Walden Pond leads to Thoreau place. Sometime there are pictures about Thoreau on wired fence protected forest from visitors.

Aug. 24, 2018; 09:08 EST

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