Forest surrounds Walden Pond reservation.

by Leonid Sakharov

All around Walden Pond there is forest. Trees growth strait all around on slopes of surrounding hills. In some sense all reservation reminds well-kept park that is indeed true.
The view at Walden Pond from where Thoreau had the cabin.
The path near railroad.
Near beach at Thoreau site one can relax and stare at sky.
There is high elevated shore near railroad at Walden Pond.
The railroad to Concord are passed across Walden Pond reservation.
There is nice forest around Walden Pond.
Hills surrond Walden Pond that is so named kettle reservoir.
Other view of Walden Pond forest.
The view of Walden Pond from path around.
Forest looks nice and clean in Walden Pond reservation.
The view of Walden Pond from high ground.
Behind trees there is the water surface of Walden Pond.
Forest at Walden Pond reservation is clean and transpeant is spite been sort of dense.

Aug. 16, 2018; 16:56 EST

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