Beavers at south meadow at Walden Pond reservation.

by Leonid Sakharov

There are obvious signs of beavers presence at Walden Pond reservation, specifically at south meadow. Beavers build dam to ensure water level. There are several beaver houses old and new. At the meadow shore several trees are toppled apparently by beavers teethes. But beavers themselves never show up.
There is clear evidence of beavers presence at south meadows of Walden Pond Reservation. Here is beaver dam. It appeares several years ago, in some way was modified by humans - metal fenses put around sort of sevage. But obviously initially done by beavers.
Beaver house at Walden pond reservation.
Other beaver house.
Meadow at Walden Pond reservation
Meadow at Walden Pond reservation.
Classical view how beavers topple tree.
Old beaver house already covered by grass.
Other beaver house.
Beavers at resoursfull lumber workers.
Beaver house.
This beaver house looks abandoned.
Beavers cut trees at shore of meadow to build dam or house.
Beavers cut trees at shore of meadow to build dam or house.
Other sign of beavers activity.

Aug. 13, 2018; 18:36 EST

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