Key West, Florida street scenes. Part 2

by Leonid Sakharov

Scenes in Key West from visits in 2007 and 2016. Second part.
Bananas grows just at street walk side at Key West.
Botanical garden is under open air in Key West.
Some exotic flowers are more attractive than others.
Swamp like wild refugee located near ocean shore.
Streets are full up with open eateries in port area of Key West.
Area near port area in Key West.
Sea port of Key West.
Marine near port of Key West.
Marine and port of Key West.
Sunset watching is new idea for socializing. It is popular in Key Wes and coincide with Cruise shops departure. Slightly confusing why all there people are here.
Last glimpse at Key West from cruise ship.
There are two small inhabitant islands near Key West. Rich people enjoy privacy and clean water there I guess.
South shore of Key West from Cruise ship.
Fort Zachary Taylor at south shore of Key West. Looks serious.
Inside Sloppy Joe’s Bar in 2007.
More inside Sloppy Joe’s Bar in 2007.
Inside Sloppy Joe’s Bar in 2016.
More inside Sloppy Joe’s Bar in 2016.
The historical landmark Coral House at Key West beach.
Anchor in marine near port.
Bike renting at marine.
Marina rested in Key West marine. It was May. It was hot.
Some restaurant can be decorated by fishing boat.
Funny decorated cars appears here and there everywhere. This one in Key West.
Palm trees looks like guarding beach entrance.
This is what was in souvenir shop in 2016. I bet now it is completely different themes.
The house is decorated in pink by some event gathering reason.
Key West Shipwreck Museum.
It is apparent banana flower.
There was jungle there. What was left in some places.
Flowers are bright in Key West.

Nov. 2, 2018; 11:46 EST

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