Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Key West, Florida. Part 3.

by Leonid Sakharov

The main tourist attraction for me in Key West is Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Not only because I loved books of Hemingway. The action of “Islands in the Stream” is at most part inside the home museum. It is special feeling at first have pure imagination of the place reading the book and much later in life to see it own eyes The staff care about this home with good care even keeping cat population as they was Hemingway time.
Hemingway home and museum from opposite side of Whitehead Street in 2007.
Memorial plaque at the wall near entrance into Hemingway home and museum.
The front yard of Hemingway home and museum.
Entrance into Hemingway home and museum.
Black cat on Hemingway bed.
Interior of Hemingway home.
More interior of Hemingway home.
Even more interior of Hemingway home.
Marina inside Hemingway home.
Hemingway portrait at the wall.
Photo exhibits at walls in Hemingway home and museum in Key West.
Married with Elizabeth.
Bronze Star awarded in 1944.
The painting of Hemingway.
The gallery at second floor.
The back yard from gallery at second floor.
There is jangle like garden inside property.
A pool as seen from study.
A pool and building near.
Cat at pool.
Iron stair railed outside Hemingway house.
Cats are everywhere in Hemingway house.
Other cat in Hemingway house.
Hygiene is cherished by cats.
Hygiene demands privacy. Cat is on alert.
Cats have own drinking place.
Dense trees foliage creates shade comfort.
Area for wedding ceremony in the back yard.
How area wedding ceremony in the back yard looks like.
We already married just photo opportunity.

Nov. 3, 2018; 12:45 EST

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