Sunday at Cape Cod by CapeFlyer in July 2018.

by Leonid Sakharov

Cape Cod is very popular destination at any summer season. The unique warm ocean at south shore and sandy beaches makes hot weather bearable and even pleasant.
In spite of being close to Boston to get there for weekend is not easy or cheap. If you have car major obstacle is traffic. There are two bridges connected Cape Cod with mainland. At weekend morning often miles line of cars are waiting to ride along there. Sunday evening is special time when everybody returning to Boston. If at empty road drive to Boston takes below two hours at Sunday night one can expect times longer. Plus renting car if you doesn't own one at summer prohibitively expensive. There arte bus transportation but traffic apply to them as well plus ticket price is just below hundred for roundtrip for two. Arguable the cheapest and most relaxing option to get summer Cape Cod experience is CapeFlyer train from Boston to Hyannis with discount Sunday roundtrip tickets $15 for one. Bike is free. We tried it last weekend and there is slideshow about.

Inside CapeFlyer train. $
Passing railroad bridge to Cape Cod. $
Bourne bridge from train. $
Train is under Sagamore bridge. $
Entrance to Seagull Beach. $
Seagull Beach is full of vacated crowd. $
Seagull Beach. $
Seagull fly above beach. $
Lifeguard is patrolling the beach. $
There are first lights of sun in Mojave Desert, California. $
Variety of activity at beach. $
There is cafe near Seagull beach entrance. $
There are big part of beach is covered by dry alga that is most possible left from storms. $
Dry alga covered big chunk of beach close to river. $
Fleet of water-bikes returning from ocean sail. $
The hurbor of Hyaniss is most bussy with private yahts and ferries to islands. $
JFK memorial at Veteran Park near Hyannis. $
Korean War memorial at Veteran Park. $
Statue of JFK at front of its museum in Hyannis. $
Transportation center in Hyannis. $
Sunset at the way back to Boston. $

Jul. 31, 2018; 09:05 EST

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