Travel in California in 2006

by Kirill Sakharov

Seals at the piers of San Francisco, California.
Graffiti at the wall in Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco, California.
Alcatraz Island located in the bay near San Francisco, California.
Coit Tower in San Francisco, California.
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.
Hollywood sign from Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
Point Sur State Historic Park near of Route 1 in California.
Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
Mojave Desert is waste and dry.
There are first lights of sun in Mojave Desert, California.
Coast of Pacific ocean and Route 1 in California.
South of San Francisco on route 1 in California.
Here is how forest in California looks like.
Coast of Pacific ocean near of Route 1 in California.
The San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park.
USA-Mexico border as it looks like in 2006.
Venice Beach in Venice, Los Angeles, California.
Cable car at the street of San Francisco, California.
Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, California.

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