Spy Pond, Arlington Massachusetts at winter.

by Leonid Sakharov

Winters are differ from each other in New England. Spy Pond reflects this in variety of images.
The main entrance after blizzard.
Spy Pond appartments rare can be seen from watter side. When winter is frosty it possiable.
Loonly bench at snow winter.
The blizzard is going on.
The view at Boys and Girld Club situated at the shore.
Some winters are warm and ducks use the occasion to do their business.
The Elisabeth Island located in th center of the Spy Pond is accecable by ice during some winters.
People enjoing giant ring when Spy Pond frozen during calm weather.
The ice ring of the Spy Pond was used to fly the fancy dron.
The winter sport activity in front of appartment at Spy Pond.
View at entrance of Spy Pond Park.
Winter brings moody pictures.
There are not too much activity at playground at winter.
Ice can be treacherous at Spy Pond at early winter. To be honest anytime except extreme cold.
The Spy Pond sign after blizzard.
Blizzard is an one time event. After it sun can illuminate majestic view.

May. 11, 2018; 09:34 EST

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