Summer time at Spy Pond.

by Leonid Sakharov

Summer time at Spy Pond is hot. There is no swimmingallowed here that is a little strange that pond was used for industrial ice production century ago. Although density of population near by is rather modest quality of water is less than perfect. Decade ago officials did special chemistry treatment against algae and successful water is better not to swallow. Rare people and any dog do swimming here butas a rule it is the place for picnic and sunbathing.
One day helicopter hovers all arond in seaching of missing person.
Birds love delicious grass lawn shore at main entrance of Spy Pond.
Green and blue at colors of summer.
Dirigible is passing by above Spy Pond spreading words of promotion.
The place is the main viewing point at main entrance with round car circle. Runners are often choose it to relax.
At late summer there are some sights of coming fall.
Trees at shore of Spy Pond obstruct the view.
There is Minuteman Path just feet from Spy Pond Park.
Swans are often guests at Spy Pond. The are gorgeous creatures.
Summer is for vegetation. Thick foliage of trees creates three levels in prospective - green - leaves, blue - water and other green for opposite shore.
Other happy tree.

May. 4, 2018; 16:53 EST

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