Park at Spy Pond, Arlington Massachusetts.

by Leonid Sakharov

There is a small park at eastern shore of Spy Pond, Arlington Massachusetts and trail near root 2 at its western side.
The beach at main entrance of Spy Pond.
The sleeping swan sculpture is at main beach.
The shore at main entrance is decorated by big stones.
Small beach for children primary.
The shore in the middle of the Spy Pond park.
The general view of the main beach of the park.
Main beach of Spy Pond at fall.
Playgrond at park.
There are lots of stones decorate the park at Spy Pond.
There is one path and several benches and tables at Spy Pond park.
View at pond.
The fox figure means to scare ducks. No effect.
From the western shore of Spy Pond one can see Boston.

May. 10, 2018; 19:56 EST

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