Fall time at Spy Pond

by Leonid Sakharov

Red tree guards main entrance of Spy Pond Park at the fall.
The fall is sad time for bench at shore.
Main entrance with u-circle for cars.
Moody view of pond at fall.
The leaves of birch are old at fall.
Sad leaves at fall.
Air is transparent at cold.
Houses at opposite shore.
The Spy Pond park over.
Early signs of fall.
This tree is blushing.
Fall is coming.
Geese are concerned by weather.
Lonely bench in park.
Trees at shore.
Beach is decorated by stones but nobody swimming at fall.
Yellow is coming.
Autumn is in full speed.
Leaves trim the view of opposite shore.
Nobody wants to sit near dead tree.
Elizabeth island is still green but colors are ahead.
View from other side.
Colors are start.
Paint like photo.
Lots of yellow leaves at baseball field.
First touch of yellow.
Lonely leaf is falling down. It takes dozens shots to catch this moment.
Is this tree too shy in premonition to be naked at winter?
There is boys and girls club there over water.
The park, view from boat.
There is a path parallel to root 2 highway and Spy Pond west shore.
The birch bent at shore.
The patch are near root 2.
There are very tall grass at shore.
Winter is coming at Spy Pond.

May. 5, 2018; 13:42 EST

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