Spy Pond.

Pictures and other materials about Spy Pond, Massachusetts.
Strange name of Spy Pond in Arlington, MA to my knowledge was not explained by anybody. There is no legend about spies living or operating here. Not during events of New England Revolution neither later. It was known as Spie Pond before XXth century.
My theory I strongly inclined to relay on explains the name origin in following way.
The pond is surrounding by small heights as all kettle ponds. It suppresses wind even more at quit weather conditions. There are few if any waves then. The surface reflects like a mirror. America is immigrants country with multilanguage backgrounds. Many of them was from Germany or Netherlands. The word mirror is Spiegel in German. Spie and Spiegel have strong resemblance. Somebody could just misheard exited German who call the pond Spiegel. But word Spie by itself means nothing. So why not rename Spie to Spy that sounds practically the same?!


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