The most white night of 2019 at Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

by Leonid Sakharov

White nights in Saint Petersburg are one of the most famous nature and culture events of Saint Petersburg. Around June 22 there are almost no darkness the day around. This part of year although sun goes completely under horizon but for only 5 hours and so shallow that whole night can be seen as twilight. Combing with moving bridges starting midnight there is special tourists and for general public attraction there is short boat cruise to observe moving bridges. It can start neat Palace Bridge and goes back and forth to Bid Ochta Bridge.
Palace square just before midnight. $
There is heavy traffic even at midnight during white nights time in the historical center in Saint Peteersburg. $
The park at the west side of the Winter Palace that is highlighted at dark time. $
One of the popular occupations for young people to make additional money is to perform as mascot. It could be fun sometimes. $
White nights is cultural event. There are musicians perform at historical center of the Saint Petersburg. $
Pallace bridge just before midnight. $
Piter and Paul Fortress at night. $
Rostral Columns are part of the skyline of the Saint Petersburg any time of whether day or night. $
Neva river at center of the Saint Petersburg is the most broad. $
Palace bridge is ready to move. $
Vasilievskii Island at midnight. $
The fleet of tourist boats is ready to start a journey via Neva River to follow moving bridges one by one. $
Just before midnight ready to sail. $
Illuminated embankment of vasilievskii island with museums and Petersburg Academy of Science headquaters. $
Peter and Paul Cathedral is one of the commonly admitted landmarks of the Saint Petersburg. $
Winter Palace that is Hermitage home is magnificent all the time including white nights. $
Nidnight. Palace Bridge starts moving. $
Crowd of viewers gathers at boat high deck. $
At the barge at Neva river there are bright lights making the spectacular show. $
At the barge at Neva river there are bright lights making the spectacular show. $
The fleet of cruise boats passes Troitskii Bridge. $
At the Liteinui Bridge passengers lost some excitement. $
Finland Railway station. $
Passing Liteinui Bridge. $
Infamous Krestu prison. $
Smolnui Cathedral from Neva River. $
Bolsheochtenskii Bridge. $
Sunrise at the middle of the white night. $
Famous cruiser Aurora at sunset that means aurora. $
Dancing at the middle of the night. $
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