Historical center of Saint Petersburg at 2019 winter. Nevsky Prospect.

by Leonid Sakharov

The Nevsky Prospect is the undivided part of Saint Petersburg historical center. Here are pictures taken along Nevsky Prospect.
The Uprising Square with Moscow train station and Obelisk for City-Hero Leningrad at the middle. $
Kazan Cathedral has history. At Soviet time it has museum of religion and atheism. I did never go there by choice of my parents. The building itself is magical. $
The monument of the Catherine the Great who is surrounded with lieutenants with manuscripts size that correlated their manhood. At least that said urban legend. Other legend states that in the garden everybody ought to speak with strangers. Not my experience but I was rather shy young man so who knows. Alexandrinsky Theatre behind was the number one and all governments sponsored. Simonov was the star my school when theater was not too expensive. I remember him in Wild Captain. $
The name House of Books speaks for itself. Nowadays when paper books are losing popularity and fast this building is the place to go for the magic holding source of knowledge in hands. It was practically the only available source to learn before Internet. Now books are mostly for nostalgia about old good days. $
The building of Lutheran church in soviet time was redirected to swimming pool and God looked other side for some time. Now it serves the religion again. $
The Savior on the Spilled Blood Cathedral is the outstanding landmark of Saint Petersburg. For one it is almost always in restoration. Secondly in spite to be architectural masterpiece its style would stick with Moscow better. But event of Char Aleksandr the Second Liberator was assassinated exact at this place so place for Cathedral is out of the discussions. $
There is other more close view at Kazan Cathedral. $
The monument to Prince Field Marshal Barclay de Tolly at the front of Kazan Cathedral is connected with other urban legend. The Hero of Napoleon War was not too generous to sculptor because at some particular angle of view the figure can be seen as not entirely decent. $
Nevsky Prospect Gostinyy Dvor ((big shopping mall), Saint Petersburg City Duma Tower, Admiralty and Dome of Cazan Cathedral. $
There is shortcut to Palace Square and Hermitage from Nevsky Prospect vie Arc of General Headquater. $

Mar. 13, 2019; 08:59 EST

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