Historical center of Saint Petersburg at 2019 winter. Part 1.

by Leonid Sakharov

Saint Petersburg at winter time is not tourist attraction. Snow, icy sidewalks these could be plain dangerous. But imperial architecture is at place. Buildings are painted in cheerful colors. Rare visitors have all attention from accommodation industry. It is contradictory time of city already forgetting of serendipity of short summer and finding fun celebrating long winter holidays.
The expression “old new year” is the typical Russian oxymoron that presents 2 weeks rift between general accepted calendar and orthodox one. So there are two sort of legitimate New Years. In typical Russian attitude toward good staff instead choosing correct date for New Year happiness Russian decide not to and rejoice both. $
Night time decoration of main street of the Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect. $
Peter and Paul fortress at night. $
Fleet Headquarter building at night. $
In the celebration of 75 anniversary of end of Leningrad (name of Saint Petersburg during communists reign. Nevertheless it was the same proud city that was never occupied. Never ever.) Siege the tank was brought to the Palace Square. $
Even under lot of snow Winter Palace is marvelous building. $
Winter Palace is paired with Alexander Column as it was planned from the beginning. Not really the victory over Napoleon brought the Column to the main square of the city. $
There is angel with Alexander the First face at the top of Alexander Column. $
The entrance into Peter and Paul Fortress. $
Peter and Paul Cathedral in the center of the same name fortress. View from the ground to the top. $
There is angel at the very top of Peter and Paul. $
Peter and Paul fortress has a popular beach in the very center of historical Saint Petersburg. At winter it is almost empty. $
The one of the four horse tamers at the Anichkov Bridge where Nevsky Prospect crossing Fontanka river. $
Naval headquarters building is the crossing point of all main streets on historical center of Saint Petersburg. $
A golden Korablik above Admiralty building is one of the symbols of the Saint Petersburg. $
A Smolny Cathedral has complicated history but marvelous architecture as most landmark building of the Saint Petersburg. $
The sculpture of the founder of the city Peter the Great in front of Saint Isaac Cathedral. The Bronze Horseman is other name of the statue. $
The arch of general headquarters of Russian Army at Palace Square is the other major landmark of The Saint Petersburg. $
The Saint Isaac Cathedral is enormous but so skillfully incorporated in the ensemble of the historical center of the Saint Petersburg that looks like proportional part of one big quarter that is the city center. $
Rostral Columns park at the Strelka of Vasilievsky Island is other landmark and popular place for celebrating wedding for pairs especially at summer time. At least I visit it when married. $

Mar. 8, 2019; 11:13 EST

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