Black watercourse in Leningrad district, Russia.

by Leonid Sakharov

Black watercourse in Leningrad district, Russia.

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There is a big disadvantage for vacationers in south of Saint Petersburg, Russia that is practically complete absence of places for swimming. In Pavlovsk and Pushkin parks there have some ponds but most of them not fit too much for beach goers. The Izhora River is cold as hell even at the top of the summer. There is small artificial pond in Birch Forest but it is small and really only for kids of inhabitants of the settlement. Here is the picture of the bottling of the Black Watercourse near Kobralovo. It is very slow river with no apparent flow speed. As seen one can use it for beach relaxation but need to be careful about swimming. The bottom behind the water is treacherously swampy, nothing really dangerous but quite uncomfortable. I did swim there just for experience. Ok but not real plans to repeat if there is better possibility.

Feb. 8, 2020; 10:16 EST

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