South Beach State Park at Mashpee, MA shore.

by Leonid Sakharov

South Beach State Park in Mashpee, Massachusetts is located at Cape Cod. The beach on the south side of Cape Cod is long sea shore facing Marta Vineyard Island. Combination of pristine dunes, sandy beach, warm at season water makes South Beach a favorable place for sunbathing at Cape Cod for enlighten ones.
The entrance point to the beach of South Beach State Park.
The view to the left from entrance point of South Beach.
The view to the right from entrance point of South Beach.
Happy people are walking long the South Beach.
Cell phone finds its place under sun even at relaxing beach.
The sand is finer at the entrance.
The farther from entrance the emptier a shore.
Sun is hot at the beach and could be punishing instead fun. Any shade producing tricks are welcomed when walking unprepared.
Seagulls are common habitant here.
Seagull flies above wave’s line.
The often seen creature here remains Alien from the horror movie. It is just prehistoric animal that lives on Earth millions years. Horse crab is the name. Mostly harmless.
The horse crab creatively is incorporated into sand sculpture.
Dog rose bushes are here and there around South Beach dunes. Their hips are eatable. At least I eat them in childhood a lot. They are sort of natural fence when grown.
To half a mile or so the left from the entrance there is golf field trimmed by dog roses bushes.
The shore of South beach is usually empty even in good weather when farther from main beach.
South Beach is not popolar and populated when weather is bad. There are no restaurants here.
There are areas of dunes with paths inside.
Combination of cloud with sun produces light beams at sky.
The landscape with ocean, dunes, golf, sand and grass.
There is dune and looks like it.
Eagle chooses cell phone tower for nest here. It popes at solar panel. You wonder about reason for bad connection. Don’t.
There is now paddle to the beach from parking lot that also equipped with convenience booths.
The poster information board provides tips and map. Why not.

Sep. 19, 2018; 17:48 EST

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