Charles River Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

by Leonid Sakharov

Charles River Park sits at Boston shore of Charles River Basin that is widest part of Charles Rive. the widest part of Charles River. The Park has music and Venetian themes. The park is popular all seasons but especially at hot summer days. There are cozy places for tanning and relaxation. The Shell scene is famous for free concerts the Boston forth is the most known of them
Sail boats are common feature at east side of Charles River park where Community Boating is.
Pedestrian passage via Storrow Drive to Charles River Park.
Sign of Prudential Building is seen everywhere in Boston.
Bucolic landscapes to Charles River Park, river itself and Boston midtown city line broads out from pedestrian passage.
At the opposite bank of Charles River Massachusetts Institute of Technology and bunch of high tech enterprises.
Islands near Boston bank of Charles River create sort of Venetian style lagoon.
Islands near Boston bank of Charles River create sort of Venetian style lagoon.
Bank structure creates lagoon like places near Storrow Drive in Boston.
At calm windless conditions Storrow lagoon is mirror like.
Storrow lagoon looks like additional river parallel to Charles.
Arrow of Charles River esplanade.
Wood padding wharf like is popular place for sun bathing.
Wood padding provides opportunity to sun bathing without any preparation just walking by and making spontaneous decision that time and place are appropriate. For good looking people anything is the fit.
The view of Charles river park from Massachusetts Bridge.
The Copley skyscraper is behind Charles River Park.
Prudential building, Storrow Drive, Massachusetts Bridge, Charles River Park all at in one picture.
Storrow drive divides Boston and Charles River Park.
Beacon Hill is behind of the internal bridge of Charles River esplanade.
Charles River Esplanade and Massachusetts General Hospital complex behind.
Statue of prominent Boston Pop orchestra near Shell Memorial at Charles River Esplanade where Boston Pop traditionally performs at Independence Day of Forth of July.
Statue involves in Red Sox win too.
Hatch Memorial Shell is the largest not only by size landmark in Charles River Park
Shell stage at open air is open for everyone for free performance of often very popolar Boston Pop and other artists. Nice tradition that among other perks makes Boston pleasant place to live.
There is no specific target for this artillery gun at other side of Charles River in Cambridge. It is definitely is not meant as deterrence from artificial intelligence that is developing in MIT and Microsoft.
It is sunny nice day in Charles River Park.

Oct. 18, 2018; 11:58 EST

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