Arlington, Massachusetts.

by Leonid Sakharov

Town of Arlington in Massachusetts is neighbor to famous Cambridge and Lexington and not so world wide known Sommervile, Belmont and Medford. Up to now Arlington is the last town at T-red line to the North of Great Boston. The town rich history is mostly related to Revolutionary War. The place had name Arlington reasonable lately when in 1800th administrative separation of Massachusetts was mostly finalized. The town is sleepy, nice and quiet. It is mostly pleasantly and good organized eventful like Town Day with spectacular firework.
Uncle Sam was born in Arlington, Massachusetts. There is the monument to the National Symbol Uncle Sam. The Samuel Wilsom was born at the place in Sep. 13, 1766 and happened to became prototype for personalization of US.
Monumental building of Robbins Library in Arlington.
Arlington High School.
Arlington Fire department at the town center.
Civil War memorial pillar at Arlington Center.
The bloodiest fight at the first day of Revolutionary War was here at the place of Russell House.
The locally popular Capital movie theater at MassAve.
Regent Theater in Arlington center provides live artist performances. Some good, some not too much.
First Parish Unitarian Universalist church at the Arlington Center.
St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church at MassAve in the Arlington,MA.
Arlington center at sunset when descending sun is seen exact in direction of MassAve.
There is spectacular double rainbow at Arlington near Spy Pond.
View of the Boston skyline from Robbins Farm Park.
Robbins Farm Park.
MasAve at the border of Arlington with Cambridge.
First spring tulips at front of Robbins Library front entrance.
At Linwood street during sunset time there is spectacular illumination of trees in the waterfront of the Spy Pond.
Park Circle Water Tower looks like military installation to hold higher ground.
Downtown of Boston as seen from Robbins Park.
Spy Pond Park has signature stone beach.
Spy Pond shore with Park and Boys and Girls Club building.
Spy Pond Apartments at the shore of the Spy Pond.
Crimson twilight at Spy Pond.
Cyrus Dallin Art Museum building at Arlington Center.
Elizabeth Island at the Spy Pond in Arlington is desolate place. Town of Arlington put it for sale at some point for million but it looks like nobody interested. The problem that building the bridge would cost a lot and without not too convenient location. At cold winter the island can be reached by foots so it is not too private place anyway.
The Cyrus Dallin sculpture of the Menotomy Indian Hunter at the Winfield Robbins Memorial Garden.
Evening at the MassAve.
Root 2 bridge near Alewife T-station.
There is meadow wetland with giant grass field near Root 2 and wood greenway throw it that last years nice improvement of the town of Arlington infrastructure.
Bridge to Alewife station via brook. There are big alewife fish can be seen from above sometime. The fish is slow and fat.
Millennium memorial at the MassAve near border Arlington Cambridge.
New addition to Robbins Farm Park is realistic statue of the black dog.
Cotton tail rabbits are common habitants of Arlington. They are everywhere. Mostly harmless.
Magnolia field is used for mostly for soccer.
Firework at Arlington town day at Aug. 15, 2018.
Swan family chooses small pond near Alewife T-station for nesting.
There is spectacular blossoming at Spy Pond Park at spring time..
Every spring this magnolia tree pleases everybody on the way to T-Station with full scale blossoming.
The typical street in Arlington has blossoming tree here and there to make a mark for eye.
The Minutemen Bicycle Path is the shortest and relaxing way to Alewife T-Station on two wheels or just on foot.
The very start of Minutemen Bicycle Path at Alewife T-station.
The Mystic River water system is spread far around. This spot is the part of the long ditch that connects Small Pond and Mystic River and has Alewife fish as habitants.
Tennis courts are common in sport loving Arlington. These renovated courts are located in front of Boys and Girls Club neighboring baseball field.
The entrance into Menotomy Rocks Park.
The Hills Pond in Menotomy Rocks Park.
A small by area Menotomy Rocks Park provides nevertheless full experience of the forest.
The view from Menotomy Rock.
Sidewalks in Arlington bordering with variety of flowers.
More nice flowers.

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