Mushroom hodgepodge.

by Leonid Sakharov

Mushroom hodgepodge.

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There is most simple way to prepare and in the same time delicious dish from freshly found mushrooms. There is no big secret that final result is completely depended on set of collected mushrooms. If there are mainly quality (unspoiled by worms and not too big to stay hard) ceps (white mushrooms), brown cap boletus, orange-cap boletus, chanterelle one can expect outstanding meal.

The recipe is quite straightforward. Clean mushrooms with knight and watter and cut them into about inch by inch pieces (no need to be precise in measurement). Take a dish for braising (in Russian there is special word for it latka). It is just heavy metal pot with heavy cover. Put into latka a little vegetable oil just to cover very bottom and then fill it up with your mushrooms up to very edge of the pot and put on heater. Meanwhile take red or sweet onion (white will make trick too) and slice it by good knife in small pieces as naturally happens. No special requirements here. When mushrooms in pot give out water and it starts boiling up put sliced onion there and stir. Note that periodical stirring is the key paramount in whole procedure. You must avoid burning at bottom and sides of the pot by all means. Regulate heating level and stir regularly. There must be constant boiling but at the smallest intensity as possible.

Take greengrossery like dill (my favorite), parsley, green onion arrows or whatever, cut and put into pot. Stir. Add garlic mystery compound. Stir and taste. Add salt and taste. Stir. In half hour or so the meal will be ready. Actually half of a hour of boiling is safe and anything else is up to your fantasy and taste. First try could be not perfect but practice will make it so.


Feb. 5, 2020; 09:46 EST

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