Tortola, British Virgin Islands

by Leonid Sakharov

We were in Tortola, British Virgin Islands at January 20, 2017 during Breakaway trip from New York to Caribbean islands. Tortola is mostly wild nature mountain terrain with small density estates here and there. The main attraction was a beach at Brewers Bay that is nice place with almonds nuts lying under trees near by to the shore. Natives come at morning to gather these nuts. We tasted these almonds nothing extraordinary to report except circumstances.
The shore of Tortola. $
Cruise ship pier to dock at Tortola, British Virgin Islands. $
Road Town Ferry Terminal in Tortola. $
Seafront of Tortola. $
Cruise pier and Inner harbor filled with yachts behind in Tortola. $
Brewers Bay panorama 1/5. $
Brewers Bay panorama 2/5. $
Brewers Bay panorama 3/5. $
Brewers Bay panorama 4/5. $
Brewers Bay panorama 5/5. $
Almond trees at Brewers Bay beach. $
Chickens and rooster looking for almonds at Brewer Bay in Tortola. $
Rocks at south part of Brewer beach are the best location for scuba diving. $
Rocks Some fish there is almost transparent. $
Blue fish among coral rocks. $
School of small fish. $
Road from Brewers Bay back to cruise ship. $
There is old tower at the road side in Tortola. $
Last glance at Brewers Bay from the mount road needed to be climbed over to the cruise ship. $
Road Town in Tortola with cruise ships docked in pear. $
Street scene at Road Town Tortola. $
Harbor of Tortola. $
Sailing ship near Tortola shore. $
Tortola Ship Park. $
Shops street at Tortola Ship Park. $
Leonid Sakharov in Tortola at front of Breakaway cruise ship. $

Dec. 3, 2018; 11:46 EST

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