Castries, St_Lucia

by Leonid Sakharov

We were in Castries, Saint Lucia at January 24, 2017 during Breakaway trip from New York to Caribbean islands. The island of Saint Lucia made impression divided between very rich and poor much sharper than other Caribbean we were. Impressive big estates located at shore are not neighboring to not attractive places for existence on the sides of inner roads. Not my first choice for anything. Beach whether was perfect nevertheless.
The shore of St. Lucia. $
Early morning at the shore of St. Lucia. $
Entering port of Castries in St. Lucia. $
Leonid Sakharov at the Breakaway in St. Lucia. $
Pointe Seraphine shopping center and cruise ships terminal. $
Seafront downtown of Castries, Saint Lucia. $
Small bay near to port of Castries is packed with small private boats. Just at the side is airport tarmac. Everything is dense in St. Lucia. $
Vegetation is rich all around St. Lucia. $
Walking John Compton highway in parallel to airport tarmac is the way to public beach. Manageable at early morning and educable to understand that not everyone at St.Lucia is filthy rich. $
Vigie beach is public. It is the north side. $
South of Vigie beach St. Lucia. $
At the north end Vigie beach becomes narrow and difficult to walk. $
Trail at the end of Vigie beach pass near luxury resorts. $
Sand of Vigie beach is tender. $
There are bar and beach appliances renting at south part of Vigie beach that is located at the side of airport tarmac. $
Vigie beach is not crowded. $
At the very south part of Vigie beach there is shade from palm trees. It is saving money fact because no way to be at direct sun all the day. Birds can use the shade too or they seek warms or other food there. $
Corals near the St. Lucia. $
There are rich estates at St. Lucia located near the beach. $
Back to ship. Entrance to Pointe Seraphine. $
There is live music band at Pointe Seraphine market area. $
Tapion Shoal cape at the entrance of Castries bay provides spectacular scene of ocean waves attacking narrow pass. $
Shore of St. Lucia at the evening from leaving the island cruise ship. $
Sunset near St. Lucia. $

Nov. 21, 2018; 10:20 EST

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