Roseau, Dominica.

by Leonid Sakharov

We were in Roseau, Dominica at January 21, 2017 as one of the destinations during Breakaway trip from New York to Caribbean islands. The island of Dominica is distinct itself from others in Caribbean to be volcano formed. There are no sand beaches in convenient distance from the town of Roseau but presence of botanic garden with exotic flowers compensates enough tourist needs to visit one time.
Roseau River mouth. $
Roseau Dominica as seen from Breakaway cruise ship. $
It is how Roseau Dominica ocean port looks like. $
Botanic garden of Roseau Dominica. $
Colibri hovers. $
Colibri drinks nectar at the air. $
This tree is like forest inside. $
Dense vegetation. $
Fruits of this tree are big balls. $
Giant grass looks like a temporary art sculpture. $
Exotic flower. $
Other exotic flower. $
Tropical flower. $
Other tropical flower. $
Yellow flowers. $
Bush full of flowers. $
Red flower on a liana around old big tree. $
This tree can use more water. $
Lizard habitants in botanic garden in Roseau. $
There is shady path from botanic garden to observation point above Dominica. $
At observation view point there is gun pointed out to the ocean protection Dominica from sea. $
Roseau River above the town is relatively narrow, rich of stones, used for swimming in basins and washing clothes in and drying on stones at bank. $
Hotels in Roseau situate directly at waterfront and provide scuba diving experience. $
The shore of Roseau. $

Nov. 15, 2018; 10:39 EST

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