Wild Blueberries.

by Leonid Sakharov

Wild Blueberries.

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The harvest of wild berries has happened in the forest near Saint Petersburg at early summer and its timing strongly depends on weather this particular year. Usually blueberries bushes are not compactly filled with berries and it takes about one hour to gather pound or two of them. Not to mention that size of average wild berry about two times less than cultivated one. But taste quality of wild blueberries is so superb and taking into account that they are free except your time so one can decide for himself so worth it being to expose for couple of hours to bites of bloodsuckers of hordes of numerous mosquitoes in the forest for several pounds of wild blueberries or buy such amount for about 20 bucks or so.

Mar. 9, 2020; 08:55 EST

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