Dr. Leonid Sakharov
Professional summary

Senior scientist with ability to handle interdisciplinary problems from conceptual formulation till instrumental or software implementation.


Multidisciplinary scientific research Advanced data analysis

Algorithms development and software implementation

Leadership for research projects Web development and creative writing Master of VC++, PHP, HTML, PHP, Javascript and MS Office

Work history

LeoKrut, Arlington, MA

Entrepreneur and Lead Developer

2002 - current

Achievements: breakthrough discovery of universal analytical formulas for describing crystal growth rate and concentration of hole like defects derived from numerical experiment made with proprietary algorithm implemented into LeoMonteCrystal software application. State of art algorithms: advanced data analysis, Unicode text encryption, image enchantments, NetCDF files editing.
Design and support of www.leokrut.com website for software publishing and multi-topic blog.
Consultant service:

A123Systems, Watertown, MA 2008
Statistical analyses of experimental data of Li-ion batteries charge/discharge performance for developing algorithm of quality assurance.
USGenomics, Woburn, MA 2005
Analysis of sensitivity experimental data of laser inductive luminescence of tags in DNA like single molecules and proposition of improved algorithm for counting coincident registration.

Admetric Biochem Inc., Medford, MA Programmer 2000 - 2001
Development of the state of art algorithms for the analysis of the mass spectrograms of High-performance liquid chromatography for research aimed for prediction of cell membrane penetrability for drug leads.
Northeastern University, Boston Staff Scientist 1996 - 2000��
Principal investigator for research of biaxial alignment of superconductor ceramics in magnet field and application of artificial intellect for commodity day trading.

Russia Academy of Science (RAS), Saint Petersburg, Russia

Senior Scientist

1976 - 1996
Researcher in areas of crystallization of refractory oxides, deposition of high-temperature superconductors, theory of materials.

Institute of Silicate Chemistry of RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Ph.D. in Material Science. 1984
Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
B.S. in Chemistry, 1976


More than 28 scientific publications including in peer review journals.

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