License agreement of copyright for personal usage.

Upon purchase from LeoKrut License agreement of copyright for personal usage of any intellectual product such as image, text of any content, software code or scientific results acquirer agrees to following terms of usage this intellectual product:

LeoKrut grants to acquirer a permission of unlimited personal usage of the purchased intellectual product for self-education, entertainment or any other activity that did not directly connected with obtaining profit from reselling this product.

Acquirer cannot share the intellectual product or gift it to third person or persons for free.

Acquirer cannot publish the intellectual product  for unlimited access as a public domain information.

Acquirer cannot claim authorship of the product.

Acquirer can include this product into his intellectual product as its part if authorship of the product will be directly announced as a reference to LeoKrut copyright property without any kind of effort to mislead about.

In case of obtaining profit from the intellectual product that included as part the purchased from LeoKrut intellectual product acquirer must contact LeoKrut to determine the ratio of the purchased in LeoKrut intellectual product in profitable one and negotiate adequate royalties as reward and compensation of the efforts of LeoKrut in profitable product.

Any disagreements should be resolved upon goodwill negotiations and only in extreme cases of irresolvable contradictions in court under applicable laws.


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