LeoNetCDF - NetCDF edit software.
software for manipulating with files in NetCDF format (reading, writing, altering and transforming in and out XML format).

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NetCDF edit software.

  • Operation system:
    Window 95/NT or higher.

  • Version: 2.2 last modification at Oct. 5 , 2005.

  • Type: Commercial. Check registration page for more information.

  • Features:
    The LeoNetCDF software application permits to display and edit content of binary NetCDF files in tree style control of a standard window interface environment.
    LeoNetCDF uses a state of art codes that are implemented file format described in NetCDF Introduction and Resources description of NetCDF format. It also can convert content of NetCDF file in and out a file in XML format that can be edited with any standard text editor application such as WordPad.

    Note that LeoNetCDF software application has some limitations on the size of netcdf file that it can handle. At first it is an instrumental limitation on the size of free RAM of the computer.
    Secondly the tree control in MS MFC can handle no more then 64 K records. To prevent undocumented behavior limitations (<10 K) on the number of displayed data in the tree control is artificially set. LeoNetCDF software application nevertheless can be used to work with large files including observing and editing their data in text XML file.

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Adding (editing) dimension in NetCDF
Adding (editing) dimension.

Adding (editing) attribute in NetCDF.
Adding (editing) attribute.

Adding (editing) variable in NetCDF
Adding (editing) variable.

Adding (editing) data in NetCDF
Adding (editing) data.

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