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Home Use this form to publish an article. Before submit be sure that appearance is right by clicking on the button "Preview". Use HTML tags to format text. Break of line (tag <br>) will be added automatically when publish (no such operation will be when editing the published article later on).
Link to the article will appear at the site after approving. Email field is optional to be able to edit the article later on.
We reserve the right to reject or delete later any publication without any explanation .
Limitation on size and frequency of publishing articles can be established, typically no faster then one per day. By publishing article on the site you are claiming that a content of the article does not contain any illegal materials and does not violate nobody copyrights. You as author permit unlimited use of the published material at our site including profiting from advertisement, adding comments and so on. We promise not to edit your content without your direct permission except obvious typo mistakes, removing commercial links or other corrections these to our judgment are necessary to keep material published. We are not limiting right of the authors for publishing their material anywhere else.
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